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Sex Positions

A Girl's Guide To Outdoor Sex
Having sex outdoors can be real fun. However, you always miss a cosy bed, curtains, lighting and aromatic smell of your bedroom. But, couples must try to do something different to keep-on the interest. Outdoor sex can be hot and ...
Girls Guide To Outdoor Sex
Stair Master Sex Position
'Stair Master' Sex Position For Women
Enjoying sex at different places is spicy and interesting too. Having sex in the same old bed can become very boring after a span of time. Add spice to your sex life by trying in some naughty places like balcony, living ...
How To Get Laid On Valentine's Day?
Its Valentine's Day! Have you still not planned anything for your valentine? As love is everywhere, you should definitely plan something to make this day special for your partner. Romance and sensuality go hand in hand. If you want to have ...
Get Laid Valentines Day
Sex Positions Valentines Day
Try These Sex Positions On Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is around the corner. As romance is in the air, you are in full mood to have some spicy sex sessions with your partner. To make your valentine's day special and erotic, here are some spicy sex positions that ...
Role Play Ideas To Spice Up Sex
You don't need much to spice up your sex life. A little imagination and few erotic ideas can help you spice up your sex life easily. There are many role playing ideas that can help you end up having some wild ...
Role Play Ideas Spice Up Sex
Ways Start Sexting Conversation
How To Start A Sexting Conversation?
Sexting (sexual text messages) is one of the best things that couples in a long distance relationship do to keep the spark of romance alive. However, many couples use it as a medium to initiate sexual talks. Sexting is a great ...
Sex Positions To Try During Periods
If you think that having sex during periods is something yuck then you are lagging behind. There are many women who are very excited sexually during their menstruating days. While there are women who cuddle themselves with a toy and sleep ...
Sex Positions During Periods
Deal With A Big Penis
Have A Big Penis? Deal With It!
There are so many things that are associated with the penis size. If it is small, there are sexual problems. And when it is big, there are issues in bed!!! We all know how to deal with a man who has ...
Naughty Places To Have Sex
There is no control over sexual desires. Once your partner touches you with the soft fingers, you feel excited. The location doesn't matter. We all get carried away with the flow of sex. That is why, we can see couples having ...
Naughty Places To Have Sex
Spoon Sex Position
The Sensual Spoon Sex Position
There are many sex positions that couples would love. For example, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and spoon are some of the most commonly loved sex positions of all. Any couple would love to try other sex positions. However, you need to ...
3 Most Funny Sex Positions
It is very important to try some new sex positions. Couples always try to spice up their sex life by trying out some new sex positions. While there are few sex positions that can be really tempting, there are many positions ...
Funny Sex Positions
Fears Of Women In Bed
What Women Fear Of In Bed?
When it comes to sex, many women get scared. This fear of having sex can make you feel low and also break your strength. You need to be be strong enough to have sex. If you fear sex, you cannot turn ...
Try These Standing Sex Positions
There are many sex positions that couples can try to make love. From lying, sitting, bending, kneeling to standing, couples can try any type of position at certain situations. There are many couples who love standing sex positions as it is ...
Standing Sex Positions
Sex After Delivery
How To Enjoy Sex After Delivery?
Once you plan to conceive, you have to try different sex positions that can help you get pregnant faster. However, after delivery, you cannot have sex immediately; at least not for 1-3 months (in normal delivery). Women who have C section ...

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