Try These Standing Sex Positions

There are many sex positions that couples can try to make love. From lying, sitting, bending, kneeling to standing, couples can try any type of position at certain situations. There are many couples who love standing sex positions as it is adventurous. However, there are few couples who cannot carry the load of their partner. It is very important to know that there are numerous standing sex positions that can be comfortable for the couples. Take a look.

Standing sex positions:

Try These Standing Sex Positions

Standing rare entry: This is a commonly preferred standing position that is comfortable and easy to try. The man will stand behind her and enter from behind. The woman can lean on the table in front of her or bend down and rest her upper body on the table or slab. Bending down allows easy access for the man to enter inside her. The hands of the man will be free so her can explore the woman easily.

Frisky floor: In this standing sex position, the woman will bend and touch the floor with her palms. You can either bend your knees and if you are flexible, just touch the floor without bending your knees. The man will stand behind her and enter inside. He has to hold the woman so that both can support each others. This sex position allows deep penetration and also gives access to the g-spot.

The carry: This is one tricky sex position where the man needs to use a lot of strength. The man will hold the woman by her butt and then lift her up. She can rest on the wall behind to get support. Then the woman will wrap her legs around the waist of the man. In this standing sex position, all the action is done by the man. Once if he looses hold, both can injure themselves. So, do it in a place where there is support behind the woman.

Standing: It is the classic and one of the best sex positions of couples. The woman will face the man. He will pull one of her legs and wrap it around his waist. Then he can go inside her. The woman can either rest on the wall behind her for support or rest her another leg on a stool or bucket to balance her body weight.

The crouching dragon position: You can try this standing sex position with your woman. The woman will sit in the doggy style with her legs on the edge of the bed or sofa. The man will stand behind her and control the intercourse. This position is similar to the standing doggy style.

These are few standing sex positions that couples can try!

Story first published: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 17:42 [IST]
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