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What Causes Low Sperm Motility
Sperm motility basically means improving the quality of the sperm cells in the semen. Due to the not so healthy lifestyles we lead in the 21st century, various different kinds of infertility issues plague men. Low sperm count is a ...
Sperm Motility Infertility Men
Masturbation Women Health Effects 270511 Aid
Masturbation In Women – Effects!
Whether you are single, dating or married, Masturbation is a common activity that most men and women indulge in. There has been some rumors in the past on Masturbation being good for health or not. Experts say, that Masturbation can ...
Tips For Post Pregnancy Love Making
People avoid sex during pregnancy, because of the fear that it can affect their womb. As these couple are devoid of sex during pregnancy, they think of working on it soon after the delivery but during post pregnancy usually women experience ...
Post Pregnancy Love Making
Old Women Orgasm
Oldies Are Not Too Old For An Orgasm
Old women, don't worry that you are too old for an orgasm. In fact you are not. I am sure women ranging in the age group of 40 – 50 will be reaching the peak, like their young counterparts. In fact, ...
Women, Love Thyself And Your Partner!
Although we know everything about sexual health, there are certain small things which we miss out. Especially when it's women, they either don't know what to be done for sexual health or consider things silly.Being a woman, your body and how ...
Women Take Care
Chronic Illness Lower Libido
Get Rid of Your Chronic - Illness, Enjoy Love Making
Experts say that healthy sexual life, can lead to a healthy personal as well as family life. Both men and women love to get closer to their partners. They find sex as the best tool to closeness. Some are lucky enough ...
Womens' Love Making Fantasies
Every woman in this world fantasize about sex. She would have some special set of explicit sexual fantasies. Experts say that women day dream about sexual fantasies.Some women might share their fantasies with their partner but not all. Hence a man ...
Love Making Fantasies
Sexuality Tips Bebefits
Steps For Healthy Lovemaking
When a man and woman becomes one, they move to have sexual intercourse. Through this physical exercise both of their intimacy grows deeper and become more committed to each other. Sexual activity is also a reminder of love for both ...
Love Making Enhances Your Personal Health Too
Experts say that sex can fetch a healthy life. It's the basic building factor in a couple's life. People who experience a better sexual life reports a happy living but have you ever thought that sex can boost your health as ...
Healthy Love Making
Different Yawn Eroticism
Yawn Can Spell Out Your Sexual Desire
Experts say that yawning doesn't happen only because of lack of oxygen, it can happen due to factors like stress, Interest and sexual desire.Academics from different parts of the world like The U.S, India, Europe and the Middle East attended ...
Side Effects Of Hormonal Contraception
The most important reason for low libido in women is the use of hormonal contraception, says the researchers. Hormonal contraceptives, which are made up of female sex hormones, include oral contraceptives, vaginal ring, trans dermal patches, intrauterine systems, injected progesterone, emergency ...
Side Effects Hormonal Contraception
Sexual Activity Benefits
'Do It' To Tickle Your Happy Hormone
The believe that a steamy sexual session can curb fats have been declared as myth by health experts. "You're not going to get the same [physical health] benefit as going out for a 2-mile jog. Sexual activity provides some degree of ...
Jog Your Way To Lovemaking
Jogging makes you stay healthy but have you ever guessed any other consequences of regular jogging? Jogging can also make your love life more active.A survey conducted across 1,000 regular joggers 1,000 non-joggers have concluded that one in ten joggers make ...
Jogging Men Lovemaking
Food Sex Life
Avocados, Almonds, Strawberries To Enhance Sex Life
Avocados, almonds, strawberries, figs and seafood enhances sexual function and experience. Here are some of the health benefits of each, for the sex life: Avocados: Contains plenty of mono unsaturated fats, which keeps the heart healthy and strong. The ...

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