Love Making Enhances Your Personal Health Too

Healthy Love Making
Experts say that sex can fetch a healthy life. It's the basic building factor in a couple's life. People who experience a better sexual life reports a happy living but have you ever thought that sex can boost your health as an individual?

Doctors say that, it can boost your individual spirits and health. A man or a woman who leads a healthy sexual life, lives long and stays more robust. The study, shows how it's beneficial to one's life.

1.Sex is the best aerobics exercise you can have. It is good for both your body and mind. It works out your stomach, buttock and back. When you think about, what exercise can be good for your vagina, doctors suggest sex as the remedy. Because more usage of your pelvic muscles will help your vagina stay in shape.

2.Sex is the best mood lifter. A good love making session can give you a good relief. It is called as the best tension buster. This happens due to the secretion of endorphins.

3.Healthy sexual life builds confidence in you. Sexual confidence is the vital contributor to any other spheres of your life. Hence a good sexual life can mould you into a better and confident human being.

4.Healthy sexual life brings you happiness and happiness is something which reflects on your face. So when you are happy and glowing, your skin too glows.

Having a healthy sexual life not only promotes and nurtures your togetherness. It also makes sure that you, as an individual live a healthy and energetic life. So to stay in shape, both as a family and as an individual, sex is the best pill.

Story first published: Thursday, July 1, 2010, 17:14 [IST]

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