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Sruthi Appu

Why Women Face Difficulty In Reaching An Orgasm?
Experts say that 70 percent of women find it difficult to reach an orgasm. Love making is a process that requires lot of co-operation from both the partners. So it's not the man's job alone to make his woman reach the ...
Women Difficult Orgasm
Masturbation Tips Longer Stay
Masturbation Tips To Stay Longer
Masturbating helps both women and men in having a better understanding about, how their body responds to sex. It also helps them in staying in the bed for a longer period.Here are some masturbation tips: Don't masturbate without ...
Does Condom Really Protect?
Can condoms really protect you against pregnancy or Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)? Experts demand that condoms are only 85 percent successful in protecting you against pregnancy or HIV and STDs.Prevention Of Pregnancy : Experts say that ...
Condoms Protection
Enjoy Phone Love Making
Tips To Enjoy Phone Love Making
Most couples find it tough to excite their partner over the phone. These days they carry out phone sex for various reasons like being apart, fun or for a virtual orgasm. Some couples are successful in this attempt but there is ...
Find 'His' G-Spot Tonight!
Women are not the sole owners of G-Spot. Experts say that men too have G-Spot and if the women can hit it then the outcome could be really great. Most of the men fail to realize that their prostate is their ...
Men G Spot Stimulation
Love Making Kissing Tips
Kissing Tips For A Great Love Making Session
Are you tired of trying different foreplay techniques to get your partner in the mood? The one secret that plays the important role in igniting the passion in your partner is by trying different kissing styles. Experts say that kissing ...
Tips For Post Pregnancy Love Making
People avoid sex during pregnancy, because of the fear that it can affect their womb. As these couple are devoid of sex during pregnancy, they think of working on it soon after the delivery but during post pregnancy usually women experience ...
Post Pregnancy Love Making
Adequate Penetrative Love Making
Enjoy The 3 – 7 Minutes Of Pleasure
Have you ever come across of people who boast about their long night love making sessions? I am sure that you have and also felt bad for not being one of them.Now, don't hang your neck in shame because those people ...
Position Yourself To Hit Her G - Spot
Are you one of those, adventurous folks, who want to explore and enjoy love making? If you are the one, then I would strongly recommend you to be a scout to explore the easy access to G-spot and pleasure making.You would ...
Easy Erogenous Access
Men Commit Mistake
Men, Watch Your Actions!
Although men are known for their skills to tempt their women, there are some silly mistakes, which they commit and end up really bad in their make out sessions. Guys, we know that you are masters in this art but you ...
Love Making Myths Revealed
Do you know everything about sex? I am sure, you don't. The things that you know so far could be counted as myths and not as facts. People are easily carried away with certain sex myths. As you progress reading this, ...
Love Making Myths
Attract Men Naturally
Ovulation Scent, The Best Viagra For Men
Women try many ways to attract their men to bed. They literally end up in buying things like sexy clothing, perfumes, make – up etc.Experts say that the best way to attract your man is to have that naughty, ecstasy filled ...
How To Have A Successful One Night Stand
There are certain things like comfort level or compatibility level that binds your relationship with a particular person. Although you are in a relationship, in your life time, you would have come across times, when you have felt good about someone ...
Successful One Night
Women Take Care
Women, Love Thyself And Your Partner!
Although we know everything about sexual health, there are certain small things which we miss out. Especially when it's women, they either don't know what to be done for sexual health or consider things silly.Being a woman, your body and how ...

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