How To Have A Successful One Night Stand

Enjoy One Night
There are certain things like comfort level or compatibility level that binds your relationship with a particular person. Although you are in a relationship, in your life time, you would have come across times, when you have felt good about someone else. You might have also thought of having a one night stand with him or her. Now don"t raise your eye brows, chill! It"s absolutely natural, either you are a woman or a man.

In order to have a successful one night stand, the first and foremost thing you should have is immense confidence. If you are a scary poo, I would suggest you not to go for it. Although men find this task pretty easy, women has problem in making the smart and right moves to have that ecstasy filled night. I would put down here some useful tips for women to push their one night stands.

  1. Be bold enough to approach him, take the initiative in letting him know that you are interested in him. 
  3. Now don"t rush yourself, give time to have a better understanding about him. So try finding out if he is already been taken or is he a gay? In order to know this buy him some drinks, spend some time with him or make eye contact etc.
  5. As this path is cleared, use that pick - up line, which you had practiced more than million times. Make sure that you sound genuine and not too cheesy.
  7. Praise him so much because man loves to be flattered. So don"t be a miser when it comes to shower praises.
  9. If your guy is in a party or a get together or if he is surrounded by his friends, be smart to get him out of the crowd. This act would sound tough but trust me this can be a cake walk if you are smart enough. And don"t forget he is the man in your dreams.
  11. Once you both have got along well, decide on the place, as a best location plays an important role in having your dream one night.

Yeah, you are all set to have that moaning, ecstasy filled night. In the rush of excitement don"t forget to use proper contraceptives, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Story first published: Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 15:36 [IST]

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