Find 'His' G-Spot Tonight!

Women are not the sole owners of G-Spot. Experts say that men too have G-Spot and if the women can hit it then the outcome could be really great. Most of the men fail to realize that their prostate is their G-Spot. As you progress reading you will learn how to locate your G-Spot and stimulate it.

Locate Your G-Spot :

You can do this by lying on a couch or a bed. While lying keep your leg raised for better support you can lean your leg towards the wall behind the bed or couch. Once you have placed yourself comfortably, start slowly massaging your anus area using your index finger. As most men enjoy their perineum to be stimulated, it can be achieved through this.

Repeat the massage for a couple of minutes, as the process of massaging progresses make sure that the pressure you apply to massage also increases. Once you reach the comfort level to penetrate, reduce the pressure of your massage and relax your sphincter during penetration. When you have come in contact with your G-Spot, you can identify it by its shape. It is a small chestnut-sized bump approximately 2 inches deep in your anus.

Stimulating Male G-Spot

Though there are different ways to stimulate male G-Spot, for beginners it's advised to use fingers. Only thing to be made sure while stimulating his G-Spot is that there is enough lubrication on the finger. While you massage find out what kind of anal massage would your man love. Because some men love intense anal massage, while some prefer constant anal massage and some want gentle massage.

Different Techniques :

Finger : As mentioned earlier, fingers are the vital factor to hit the G-Spot but this doesn't mean that you have to try the same old way of massaging. While you massage his prostate give a blow job.

Oral Sex : As you lie down on a couch or a bed spread your legs apart and ask your woman to be on her knees in front of you, this position will help her give a you some foreplay as she continues stimulating your prostate.

Anal Sex
: You can hit his G-Spot by stimulating his anus using your tongue. Make sure that before you do this he has cleaned that part. It's advised to have a shower before getting into it.

Pelvic Muscle
: During intercourse work your pelvic muscles. This will stimulate your G-Spot and will lead to a better orgasm.

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Story first published: Monday, September 6, 2010, 17:39 [IST]

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