What Causes Low Sperm Motility

What Causes Low Sperm Motility
Sperm motility basically means improving the quality of the sperm cells in the semen. Due to the not so healthy lifestyles we lead in the 21st century, various different kinds of infertility issues plague men. Low sperm count is a fairly common condition, even among young men these days but it is by no means the only facet of men's infertility. There are various aspects for which we use the blanket term 'infertility disorders' and low sperm motility is one of them.

What is Sperm Motility?

It is not enough to just have the required quantity of sperms or spermatozoa in the semen to have a successful pregnancy. In fact, the quality of the sperm matters just as much or may be more than the quantity. If you have plenty of sperm but they are all weak and immobile then they will all be useless when it comes to fertilizing the egg. If there are two things a sperm requires more than anything else then it is energy to undertake the difficult voyage in the female reproductive tract and motility or the ability to 'swim' under unfavourable conditions. So that is what we mean when we talk about increasing sperm motility.

Why is Sperm Motility in some men Low?

It has enough and more reasons.

· Firstly our lifestyle which is hectic. Most of the young professionals today feel that they are overworked and don't even have time to pay attention to their fitness and nutritional needs.

· As we have little time and do little or no exercises at all, it is quite natural that we pile on fat by just sitting in front of the computer screens. To counter that problem, we go on crash diets and skip eating essential nutrients like to increase sperm motility.

· Stress is the root of almost all our problems these days. Your mental and emotional health impacts your overall health and that includes sexual health too.

· Steroids which are hormones given in the form of medicines can slow down the sperms by making them unhealthy. So if you have been prescribed steroid for any ailment in the recent past then you need to be aware of it. Always read the constitution of the medicines that you take because they have far reaching consequences on your body, often without your knowledge.

· Tobacco has been proven to be a leading cause for men's infertility issues particularly with respect to sperm motility. It has been found out from research that persistent use of tobacco gives birth to abnormally shaped sperms that cannot swim well and don't stand a chance to mate with the egg.

Use these good health tips for men to understand what sperm motility means for your chances of becoming dad and make those necessary lifestyle changes to enjoy the bliss of father.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 24, 2011, 12:33 [IST]

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