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What Causes Low Sperm Motility
Sperm motility basically means improving the quality of the sperm cells in the semen. Due to the not so healthy lifestyles we lead in the 21st century, various different kinds of infertility issues plague men. Low sperm count is a ...
Sperm Motility Infertility Men
Gonorrhoea Treatment Antibiotic
Is Gonorrhoea An Incurable STD?
Gonorrhoea-causing bacteria develops resistance to antibiotics quite quickly and there are no new treatments, soon the sexually transmitted infection may become extremely difficult to treat.Prof Ison, from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in London, explained how some strains of the gonorrhoeal ...
Gum Infections Can Make Men Infertile
An Israeli study has uncovered an association between male infertility and gum infections. Scientists from the Bikur Holim Hospital in Jerusalem and the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine have discovered that infertile men are more likely to suffer from chronic gum infections than those with healthy sperm. ...
Gum Infections Male Infertility

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