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Female Condom, 'Rape-aXe' Has Teeth To Hurt Rapists
Female condom with a new design lining up with teeth like hooks in a way to harm rapists is invented by South African Physician. This Dr Sonnet Ehlers, who sold off her home and car to make the condom known ...
Female Condom Rape Axe Fifa Harm Rapists
Side Effects Hormonal Contraception
Side Effects Of Hormonal Contraception
The most important reason for low libido in women is the use of hormonal contraception, says the researchers. Hormonal contraceptives, which are made up of female sex hormones, include oral contraceptives, vaginal ring, trans dermal patches, intrauterine systems, injected progesterone, emergency ...
Women Don't Hesitate To Ignite The Passion
Women crave sex nearly as often as men do. When it comes to love, lust and good old-fashioned romance, the genders don't differ.An online survey found that almost 33 per cent of women want sex every day, compared with 40 per ...
Women Crave Sex
Sexual Assault Women
Women, Sex and Dhokha
With the rise of raunchy culture, young women are increasingly facing new pressures to have sex early and against their will, say experts.Sociologist Anastasia Powell says that the sexualisation of society — the influence of sexualised imagery in media, music and ...
Gynaecologic Surgeries Do Not Affect Sexual Life
Majority of women scheduled for gynaecologic surgery for the non-cancerous symptoms, are not afraid of its effects on sex lives, says a new study. The doctors generally reassure the hysterectomy patients that they do not have to fear a detriment to ...
Gynaecologic Surgery Impacts
Television Education Contraceptives
Government Insists On TV Sex Education
The British Government is set to ask TV bosses to include more references to contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases in their shows. The popular TV shows do not have enough scenes featuring the characters discussing contraceptives such as condoms.Out of 350 ...
Are You Game? The Numbers Just Increasing
This surely will worry a lot reading this. A new survey says one third of Aussie teenagers have confessed that they have experienced unwanted sex.The survey by the Australian Research Centre for Sex has highlighted the vulnerability of ...
Physical Relationship Vulnerability
Physical Relationship Mental Wellbeing
Rubbers May Hinder Your Mental Wellbeing
A revelation, one of its kind. A new study on human sexual behaviour finds that indulging in a physical relationship without the use of codom's is good for mental health. Psyched? Well, that's precisely what the study says.The ...
Pullout Methods May Be As Effective As Condoms!
There are many contraceptive methods that are wide popular in the recent days. A recent study states that he old "pullout method", pulling out just before ejaculation, works nearly as well as condoms in preventing pregnancies.The male partner ...
Pullout Method
Spermcheck Vasectomy
Monitor Your Reproductive Status After Vasectomy!
Many men are confused on when to use the ccontraceptive methods after vasectomy. Here is the solution for you! You can now resort to a medical home test kit based on a protein called SpermCheck Vasectomy.University of Virginia ...
Vaginal Ring May Help To Prevent HIV Infection
An Indian-origin scientist at Weill Cornell Medical College say that a novel contraceptive may also prove effective in blocking the transmission of the HIV virus. Dr. Brij Saxena, the Harold and Percy Uris Professor of Reproductive Biology and professor of ...
Vaginal Ring Novel Contraceptive
Male Pill
‘Male Pill’ For Effective Contraception!
It's time for men to take contraceptive methods as their female counterparts. The latest in contraceptive inventions is a ‘male pill' that guarantee effective contraception for men. After its wide usage, only one in 100 males using the ...
2008 Sexual Studies
The Fox news has gone ahead and listed out the sex findings of 2008 that repeated the same old facts. ...
Sexual Behaviour Studies
Olympic Games Condom Advertisements
Cheeky Olympic-Themed Condom Adverts
London: While Beijing gets ready to welcome thousands of athletes from various nations, cheeky condom adverts have been released in China to coincide with the 2008 Olympic Games. ...

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