Women, Sex and Dhokha

Forcing women to have sex
With the rise of raunchy culture, young women are increasingly facing new pressures to have sex early and against their will, say experts.

Sociologist Anastasia Powell says that the sexualisation of society — the influence of sexualised imagery in media, music and other popular culture — has done little to empower young women.

Powell interviewed 117 teens and young adults and found that young people are far better informed about sexual health issues, including the importance of contraceptives, chances of teenage pregnancies and about sexually transmitted diseases.

However, the sexual openness of the society is limited to men. If women become open about their sexual needs, they are called hooker.

"Certain things have improved in terms of women's equality but we're still hanging on to a whole range of gender norms; ideas about men, women and sex that still place young women in situations when they experience pressured or unwanted sex and sexual assault," says Powell.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 12:27 [IST]

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