Spice Up Your Love Life After Her Menopause

Lovemaking Tips After Menopause

Sexual intimacy and the desire for erotic nights seem to take a back seat after Menopause. Fluctuations in sexual desire are to be expected during this time but, a complete loss of desire can result in a very unhappy relationship with your husband. Here are some tips to gain back the lackluster nights.

Address the issue: The first and smartest thing one can do is to address the issue with their physician, for any medical advice. However experts believe that its not the medicine but the willingness to engage in an intimate relationship with your spouse plays more of a role in sexual desire than even hormones.

Let Him Know: To avoid frustrations in the relationship due to lack of female libido, talk about all its psychological and physical problems it can make in your body with your love. Some of the facts that he should know are,

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  • Estrogen deficiency can cause vaginal dryness and thinned vaginal walls, which can cause soreness, burning and irritation during sex.

  • The psychological problems that weighs negatively on the romance department are mood swings, depression, hot flushes, sweating attacks, and insomnia.

  • If the above things have lured him down then tell him, that many women even report a better sex drive and sex life in different ways after menopause. This is because after this time, a woman does not have to worry about contraception, giving her the freedom to enjoy the sex act to the fullest.

Lovemaking tips
The thumb rule to gain the sex drive back is, "The more sex you have the more your desire and passion will grow.". So stamp it in bold ' Sex doesn't stop at mid life. It just begins'. Here are some of the lovemaking tips you can follow

  • Don't just sit around and wait for the lightening to strike. Create a mood in your surrounding that will stimulate you mentally. Fragmented candle light dinner, with spicy talks of yesteryears will be a good start.
  • Just begin the conversation like, "I love that stormy kiss, in the garage that made us creep into the blanket for several weeks without a break..." Go on with the description just to rehearse the live moment again.
  • Watch together lightly racy video after a romantic dinner.
  • Try cooking together a dinner nude or in your new silky innerwear
  • Sex does not always mean intercourse or lovemaking. Keep your eye on the intimacy and enjoy the physical sensations that come from the closeness you can feel with your spouse through closeness, love, sensuality and touch.
  • Don't just engage into sexual practice for an intercourse. Extend the foreplay time
  • Introduce variety in your sexual play every night. May be you should follow a time table for a while, like Monday - strip tease or lap dance or seductive salsa, Tuesday- blindfold play, Wednesday - unusual sex positions, Thursday - lovemaking games, Friday- watch erotic videos together, Saturday - Nude weekend, Sunday- relax with taoist sex tips.

Remember, unexpressed needs will lead to anger, resentment and finally divided roads in a sexual relationships.

So burn the lights for long tonight, for any age or physical imbalance cannot mar lovemaking.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2007, 17:17 [IST]

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