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Love Bites - A Short-Lived Tattoo Of Love
Whenever Jacob had to leave Simren (his wife) for few days of business tour, he would give her few memorable love bites on the places mostly covered. The couple termed this love schedule as 'tattoo of love". The role of this ...
Lobe Bites Hickey
Jeju Loveland - Salacious Disneyland
Imagine taking a leisure stroll with your love in a park crammed with soft porn memorabilia, where several statues, photographs and sculptures are placed in the most erotic manner...ummm.... I can see those raised eyebrows and bended headed to ...
Jeju Loveland Sexual Theme Parks
Sexy Surprises Lovemaking Tips
Sensual Surprises For Him
Sexy surprises are a must in any love relationships as it builds the bond on a strong firm of 'I wanna date you as the first time every night". So keep your love life buzzing with extra energy every night on ...
Dos And Don'ts Of Sensual Biting
Make your love squirm with utmost sexual desire with the soft nibbles, and harsh bites, on the most sensual areas of lovemaking. Sensual biting is always a turn on as your body reacts to the moderate pain in the same manner ...
Sensual Biting Lovemaking
Condoms History
The History Of Condoms
<p>Condoms are not a modern day innovation. Its one of the oldest forms of contraception that found its place in history. Its history can be traced back to several thousand years to Ancient Egypt. Read on to know all about it.<br ...
Help Her Play The Role Of A Seductive Star
“You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him"</p> <div>- Rae Dawn Chong</div> <p><br /> Men get seduced with the slightest wink, or a mild bite on the lip. Its an art to make him crave for ...
Women Masturbation Seducing Tips
Lovemaking Workouts
Spice Up Sexual Life With Easy Workouts
A recent study states that few hours of exercise will not just help in maintaining muscle and loosing fat, but it can also revitalize your sexual life. ...
Condoms Multiple Orgasm
Condoms You Must Try
Research states that most men grumble while pulling over a condom at the middle of sensual play, as it dampens their pleasure zone. ...
Vaginal Infection - Barrier To Healthy Sexual Life
Does vaginal itching sensation with foul discharge and all red skin is making you ride on roller coater ride of emotions? Is it hindering your exotic sexual life? Then you are at the right place. Gather all necessary information about the ...
Vaginal Yeast Infection Medication
Birthday Lovemaking Tips
Drive Him Wild On His Birthday 2
Soft showers on a blissful morning Love him under the soft showers. Drive him crazy by stroking, nibbling and kissing his erogenous zones with love and care, keeping in mind that the slow, delicate touch heightens arousal. Bid goodbye to ...
Drive Him Wild On His Birthday 1
<p>For some men, birthday seems to be the only hyped sex day in the whole year. If you beautiful ladies, want to be kinky with some special love effects in the 24 hour birthday sex play, then here is how to ...
Birthday Lovemaking Tips
Anal Lovemaking Tips
Get The Spice Of Backside Love
Backside love. . . Many women consider anal sex as a non-enter zone during lovemaking, but men love to explore such women's hidden treasures as they feel empowered. ...

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