Condoms You Must Try

Condoms You Must Try

Research states that most men grumble while pulling over a condom at the middle of sensual play, as it dampens their pleasure zone. Here are some condoms that are not only safe, but highly pleasurable as well. Try them on tonight too experience multiple orgasm.

Microsheer- the pricier the better

The most advanced condom material is a medical polyurethane called Microsheer, which is thinner and stronger than latex. Although these condoms are pricier, they are worth it for the added sensation they gift the user. They are engineered to fit easily on the penis and stay there without breaking during vaginal or anal sex.

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Her Sensation

'Her Sensation' condoms are designed to enhance womens pleasure. It has 30 rows of ribs specially positioned where it will make a difference for her. Unlike the latex smell of standard condoms they have a silky smooth lubricant and a pleasant berry scent that enhances intimacy of both the partners.

Tutti Fruit condoms- Slurp away the temptation
Some women detest the very word oral sex, as they find the whole act dirty. These condoms are a great stimulants for such people, as it can remove the need for the dreaded 'spit or swallow' question. Tutti Fruit condoms adds flavor to oral sex . It comes in three flavors strawberry, banana or coconut.

Preventor Dotted - Dotted to lure
Preventor Dotted like many other condom is very thin, but what makes it special is its dotted feature. The round ridges can be found on the entire outer surface. This design helps your love to experience increased pleasure during intercourse. The ridges provide extreme stimulation to the vaginal tract. However avoid it if your lady love gets nasty rashes due to its extra stimulant friction.

Trojan condoms - Foe extended pleasure
Premature ejaculation spoils the whole love game. If you are the victim then Trojan condoms are for you. This condom features an innovation that will appeal to those men who are more speedily inclined. The lubricant used numbs the penis thus preventing premature ejaculation. It also features a reservoir end designed to contain ejaculate, promoting safer sex.

Trojan Twisted Pleasure
Trojan Twisted Pleasure condoms is a unique creation. It is moulded with a special twist starting at the middle of the condom and ending at its tip. The Inspiral condom's unique twisting shape creates stimulation in sensitive nerve endings. During penetration condom creates extra friction for both partners through the free movement of the latex material.

Pleasure Plus -molded to experience the heightened pleasure
According to an independent study Pleasure Plus is rated the number one condom in the world. During lovemaking the loss of physical stimulation is the primary reason, why men don't like using condoms, but the Pleasure Plus puts an end to this problem. The condom has a large loose pouch of excess ribbed latex, positioned at the underside and head of the condom. During penetration, extra sack of latex slides back and forth against the underside of the penis, and against the vaginal wall, thus helping to restore the lost stimulation with the condom use.

Basic safe and lovemaking tips

  • To maintain the size of the penis, while putting the condom, kneel on both knees on the bed and lean slightly forward.
  • To sustain your lady loves excitement while she patiently waits for you to put the protection cover, just lick and suck on her breast or belly while using both hands to do any necessary adjusting.
  • Always carry a condom or two with you, if you think there's even a slightest chance of getting in to action. Keep them in the chest pockets, as they will be safely segregated without any risk of damage. Avoid keeping them in the jeans pocket.


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    Story first published: Friday, December 28, 2007, 17:44 [IST]

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