Love Bites - A Short-Lived Tattoo Of Love

Whenever Jacob had to leave Simren (his wife) for few days of business tour, he would give her few memorable love bites on the places mostly covered. The couple termed this love schedule as 'tattoo of love". The role of this tattoo was to remind the lover, that he will be back soon for the steamy night sessions.

Love bites may be, a sweet treasured memories for some, but for others its just a nasty habit. If you belong to the second category then this is not the article for you. These tips are for the people who love hickey spots on their body as a splendid art of love.

Just do it : Resent research states that, biting is a natural instinct that arouses even the most vanilla of women. So, if you want your lady love to melt in your mouth, take this tip to bed tonight. Sensual biting is a pleasurable experience especially for a woman, and it"s something many of them secretly yearn for. Unfortunately, men often hesitate to experiment with the idea, fearing they might be termed by their love as 'animalistic'.


Where and how to give love bites : It is very important to know where and how to give love bites. Here is how. Be serene about it and look into her eyes while you do it to drive her crazy for more. Give love bites on erogenous zones. Bite your woman's shoulders, to give her some instant goose bumps. You can even bite on her neck, but be careful not to make it just an obvious effort. Chest, belly, inner thighs, buttocks, and arm are other possible places.


Now, lets see how to give a hickey. Place your lips against the skin, leaving your mouth open slightly in the middle. Your lips should be parted as though you are saying the letter 'O'. Make a good seal with your lips against the skin, and suck it as though you"re trying to suck it into your mouth, for at least 30 seconds. The suction will break the capillaries beneath the skin and cause the characteristic bruising - hickey. Do not bite with teeth. If you use your teeth, you will surely break the skin and cause infection. Remember not to exceed the time if you think the hickey looks lighter, as it will probably get darker or bigger in the hours after you gave it.

How long does a hickey last : Depending on the person, love bites last for 4-12 days.

How to remove a hickey : Hickey can be embarrassing sometimes, when you don't expect your parents or your colleagues to find out. Here are some tips. One of the most commonly used method to get rid of a hickey is holding a frozen spoon on the site of infliction. You can even apply a layer of toothpaste to the hickey, and when it stops tingling in a few minutes, remove the toothpaste with a warm washcloth. Make sure not to apply ice directly to a hickey. Always wrap ice cubes in a towel to make a compress, and remove it if the cold becomes too painful. Do not hold it for too long.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 15:33 [IST]

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