Kindle Your Love In 'Kiss Your Mate Day'

Kiss, the most beautiful expression of love and affection is today being celebrated as the 'Kiss Your Mate Day'. This day marks and honours the love between people who are struck by cupid.

The origin of 'Kiss Your Mate Day', has not been known but an association has been found out. In Rome, 28th April is celebrated as the celebration of Fordicida - the budding flowers of Spring. Though the two day have nothing in common but all we can say is that love and flowers both help to express love.

Kiss is always associated with love and specifically passion because, this act scintillates the two most sensuous parts of the body - lips and tongue. A kiss stimulates the nerve endings of these organs, which arouses passion and euphoria. Lip Locking is the most stimulating act and gets playful with the erogenous zones. This is one of the reasons, why a kiss is called the epitome of affection.

The Perfect Kiss

A warm long kiss has the ability to wipe off all the tears and build a new relationship. Before lip locking, make your eyes kiss. Romance is first spilled through eyes and sends across the message to the partner. When eyes draw you close, brush your lips against each other to feel the passion rise. The rest happens almost by itself. What starts as a innocent kiss ends at a long smooch.

The longest kiss record is by a couple named Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart from Germany. They kissed for 32 hours and 7 mints. The record was set in 2009.

Kiss Your Health

A kiss works wonders on your health.

1.Kiss elates your brain and brushes away all your stress and tension.
2.A single kiss burns two to three calories a minute.
3.A kiss works out 30 muscles of your face and thus keeps your face muscles tight.
4.Kissing a girl may set your pulses racing but it is good for your heart. It stabilizes the cardiovascular activities.
5.Kissing is the best way to cure anxiety. It rests your thoughts at peace.

In the 'Kiss Your Mate Day,' gift your mate the most passionate kiss.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 10:22 [IST]

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