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Erogenous Zones

Kindle Your Love In 'Kiss Your Mate Day'
Kiss, the most beautiful expression of love and affection is today being celebrated as the 'Kiss Your Mate Day'. This day marks and honours the love between people who are struck by cupid. The origin of 'Kiss Your Mate Day', ...
Kiss Your Mate Day
Life Sized Mannequins
Life-Sized Plastic Mannequins
What do you like Berlin for? Well, for sure, a lot of things. But, of late, the place has been drawing a lot of tourists, leaving them gasping for more, with eyes wide open and open mouthed for ...
The Male 'G' Spot
Traditionally it is a man's job to make sure that his partner in love has a good time in bed, lately a lot is expected from the women as well. ...
Male G Spot
Lobe Bites Hickey
Love Bites - A Short-Lived Tattoo Of Love
Whenever Jacob had to leave Simren (his wife) for few days of business tour, he would give her few memorable love bites on the places mostly covered. The couple termed this love schedule as 'tattoo of love". The role of this ...
Dos And Don'ts Of Sensual Biting
Make your love squirm with utmost sexual desire with the soft nibbles, and harsh bites, on the most sensual areas of lovemaking. Sensual biting is always a turn on as your body reacts to the moderate pain in the same manner ...
Sensual Biting Lovemaking
Lovemaking After
Spice Up Lovemaking After Sex
Research states that, having sex puts men to sleep but wakes women up. So while the lady love is craving a little more, the hulk snoozes like a beaten warrior. Unfortunately, the cocktail of sex hormones released after both ...
Mistakes That Men Commit On Bed
Small mistakes like a sigh or just a comment can make her rising pulses to a numb feeling. Although you may try tracing every nook and corner, you will not find a tiny hint. Read to know what are the common ...
Men Sexual Mistakes
Sexual Kisses
Kisses To Spice Up Your Sexual Life
Kissing is a delicate art. It can be tagged as a wonderful prelude to more intimate pleasures. Here are some of the different types of kissing techniques. Caress your lips gently with these tips to spice up your lovemaking. Aggressive ...
Sensual Pleasures In Your Old Age
The colours of life may begin to fade as your middle age approaches. The spirit of the youth may have melted in the burden and responsibilities to family,society, job and children. During this time without your awareness one more important aspect ...
Sexuality Old Age
His Erogenous Zones
His Erogenous Zones
"Sex is an emotion in motion" 'Mae West' an American actress. While making love men often complain that women lie as a dead starfish while they play out every technique to please their partner. Get into action girls! Explore ...
Her Erogenous Zones ...Contd
Inner sides of thighs- these are sensitive to touch and have many nerve endings. So, touch, kiss and gently nibble this zone, but don't even think of getting near her genitals so soon. Let her wait for it. Tease her by ...
Her Erogenous Zones
Erogenous zones are hot areas with nerve endings that heighten sensitivity, which normally results in sexual response. Be a passionate lover to explore her erogenous areas to excite both her mind and body. Drive her wild by approaching the apt zones ...
Adult Toys For Him And Her
<p>In the previous article we discussed Adult toys in general. Adult toys add a lot of creativity in your lovemaking; opening doors to reach greater heights by reaching those areas that have never been ventured to before. Now let us see ...

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