The Dead Corpse Can Fantasize Physical Pleasure

The Dead Corpse Can Fantasize Physical Pleasure

The term 'corpse' may reduce us into a ball of fear, but there are some exceptionals, who can step a foot further to use them to fulfill their sexual desires. Such sexual attraction to corpses is called Necrophilia or Thanatophilia or Necrolagnia. Read the horrifying sexual fantasy that has been just another part of life from many decades. Welcome to the world of sexual horror!!!

Necrophilia in ancient culture

The necrophilia practices can be found in the artifacts of the Moche civilization of South America, where pottery depicting skeletal figures engaged in coitus with living humans are among the ruins. In one of the ancient cultures Necrophilia was practiced as a spiritual means of communicating with the dead. Some employed it as an attempt to revive the departed.

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Some of the main cause for such irregular behavior towards sex are listed below,

  • When a person, (usually men) experiences rejection of love by the opposite sex, every other day, he desires a sexual partner who is incapable of rejecting him. Alas! He can have such a relationship only with the one that doesn't beat the rhythm of life.
  • He also fears the dead and he tries to transform his fear by reaction formation into a desire.

  • He develops an exciting fantasy of sex with a corpse, sometimes after exposure to a corpse.
  • A research states that 68% of necrophiles were motivated by a desire for an unrejecting partner, 21% by a desire for reunion with a lost partner; 15 % by sexual attraction to dead people, 15 %by a desire for comfort or to overcome feelings of isolation and 12 % by a desire to remedy low self-esteem by expressing power over a corpse. Another research conducted in England states that some necrophiles tend to choose a dead mate after failing to create romantic attachments with the living.

    Types of Necrophilia

    In 1989, two researchers, Jonathan Rosman and Phillip Resnick studied 122 cases manifesting necrophilic acts or fantasies. They classified true necrophilia into three main types,

    Necrophilic homicide: Here a necrophile murders a human to obtain a corpse for sexual purposes.

    Regular Necrophilia: the necrophile uses natural dead corpse for sexual fantasies.

    Pseudonecrophile : has a transient attraction to a corpse, but a corpse is not the object of his sexual pleasure.

    According to the two researchers, the most common motive for necrophilia is possession of an unresisting and unrejecting partner. Neither mental retardation, psychosis or sadism appears to be inherent in necrophilia.

    Necrophile usually range between the age of 20 and 50 with occupations that provide ready access to corpses, mortuary attendants, gravediggers...etc. Most individuals have been reported to be heterosexual.

    Laws : Sexual Offenses Act 2003, states that sexual penetration with a corpse is illegal. However as of May 2006, there is no federal legislation specifically barring sex with a corpse.


    Treatment for necrophilia would be similar to that prescribed for most paraphilia's like, cognitive therapy, individual psychotherapy, use of sex-drive reducing medications, assistance with improving social and sexual relations, etc. The necrophile should also be assessed for associated psychopathology and treated accordingly.



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