Help Her Play The Role Of A Seductive Star

“You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him"

- Rae Dawn Chong

Men get seduced with the slightest wink, or a mild bite on the lip. Its an art to make him crave for you even in his busy schedule. Read on to engulf his mind with your seductive moves.

The tricky step for women to make men feel the bliss of sexual relationship is masturbation. You may awe at the very word and feel bashful to even touch yourself while making love. However, a research states that men love women who are open and expressive with their sexuality.

So, get ready to experience multiple orgasm by stimulating your own self and your partner with these tips.

His desire to witness the sexual play
Women are normally shy and feel awkward to masturbate in the presence of their partner. So it's men's duty to give them the right encouragement. Help her understand and discover how much of a turn-on masturbating can be for you.

The key factor to getting her into the mood is to ask her to touch herself. If its for the first time, she will surely raise her brows and will not succumb to your request. One of the mental obstacles she will face during the sexual play is 'performance anxiety'. In other words she may feel like being placed under a porn camera, which can lead to worries about how she would appear during the performance.

To help her out from such an anxiety, turn her on with unusual foreplay, by making her the center point of maximum pleasure. When she is all set to experience an orgasm peak, whisper in the softest voice, how you would love to see her masturbate, tell her how sexy it would be. Convince her, and slightly move one of her hand to her breast and the other to the clitoris. While she gets on with the move, sit back and watch the game of extreme physical pleasure. Encourage her every step of the way and surely your desire is bound to rule.

Masturbate with her
Every female gets wet at the sound of her man groaning with delight, making this a potential sexual favorite. So instead of sitting back and watching her masturbate, join in with her. Its a real sexy experience, where women will feel that they were successful in making their man horny. Its a powerful intoxication.
Lie down, beside her with a stable eye contact and start teasing yourself slowly. In your deep and sexiest voice tell her how much you want her and that you can"t help touching yourself. When she starts masturbating appreciate it with words or just a moan. This will double her pleasure until you both have achieved orgasm.

Mimic me !!
The best way to get her started with the sensual play is to ask her to imitate your moves. Masturbate in front of her. Ask her to touch and feel her own body the way you feel. Begin by caressing the breast and nipples. As these body parts will make her feel comfortable while you move on to the most erotic parts of the body together. Make sure not to experience an orgasm at an early stage. Do things that feel pleasurable to you. If something does not feel good, try something else. Try to wake up those dormant nerve endings.

Story first published: Friday, February 1, 2008, 16:29 [IST]

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