Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot!

Mutual masturbating is extremely hot! It gives you a rush. Imagine a woman undressing and touching herself in front of you. The thought that you are able to see what nobody else gets to see gives you a kick!

Whether they admit it or not, almost everyone masturbates. When your partner is not around and you are horny, you would want to release the tension through masturbation.

Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot!

But have you ever tried masturbating in front of your partner? It is a private affair, right? But if you get a chance to look at your partner masturbating, wouldn't you enjoy it? And how about helping your partner masturbate? Well, that is mutual masturbation.

If you are a man, imagine your girlfriend's hand on your penis. Even the mere thought makes it hard, right? If you are a woman, imagine your partner's finger trying to penetrate deep inside your vagina!

Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot!2

If you wish to heighten the pleasure, you can play the game without touching each other. Firstly, ask your partner to undress herself while you stare at her.

Also, ask your partner how he or she would like to be touched. Observe her responses when you touch her. At first, you may feel weird but slowly you will feel intimate and aroused.

Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot!3

If you wish to get into this mutual act, choose a very comfortable place like the bath tub or the sofa. Using your fingers between the legs of your partner while your partner is doing the same to you can be a marvelous experience!

Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot!4

You can use dildos, vibrators or other accessories if you think they will enhance the fun for both of you. Gently stroke, squeeze, grab, pinch or scratch each other to increase the the stimulation in a gentle way.

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Story first published: Friday, May 5, 2017, 20:00 [IST]

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