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Oz women have slept with six or more by 25!
A third of Australian women admitted to have slept with six or more men by the age of 25 in a national survey. The survey also showed that one in 10 Australian women in their late 20s ...
Sexual Facts Pregnancy
Contraceptive Sponge
Sponge Birth Control
There are so many methods of birth control like condoms, pills, surgeries etc. . . And the latest entry in the list of birth control options is contraceptive sponge, which is proved to be 90% effective when it comes to the result. ...
Morning After Pills Pregnancy
Morning After Pills: To be pregnant or not to be
Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and lust love, is an eternal virgin. She is an eternal virgin not because she never knew man, but every morning she bathe in a particular river which is said to give back her virginity. ...
Spice Up Your Love Life After Her Menopause
Sexual intimacy and the desire for erotic nights seem to take a back seat after Menopause. Fluctuations in sexual desire are to be expected during this time but, a complete loss of desire can result in a very unhappy relationship with your husband. ...
Menopause Female Libido Sexual Tips
Sexual Issues Media
Media's Role In Sexual Issues
Have you ever thought about the increasing discussions about sexual issues on the present day? Our parents will admit that, at their mature stage they knew not even half of the sexual issues that our kindergarten child speaks out. Along with ...
First Lovemaking
Get ready to win your wife in the first night
First night! The most waited moment after your eventful bachelor life. As soon as you enter your bedroom and see your bride in a coy state, a panic may strike you. How will you start your lovemaking? It would be difficult ...
Contraception- should teenagers be better educated
<p><strong></strong></p> <p>Nice teens don't" and "why should you?" days have gone by; today you really need to know a teenager's trauma. Contraception is an access to save children lives, reduce the need of abortion and overall improving individuals reproductive health ...

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