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Arousal At Academics
'Sex and School: Adolescent Sexual Intercourse and Education', the study found that teenagers who have sex with their romantic partners won't perform bad in their academics."Compared to abstinence, sexual intercourse in committed romantic relationships is often academically harmless, whereas in other ...
Academics Teens Love Making
Adequate Penetrative Love Making
Enjoy The 3 – 7 Minutes Of Pleasure
Have you ever come across of people who boast about their long night love making sessions? I am sure that you have and also felt bad for not being one of them.Now, don't hang your neck in shame because those people ...
Impress Your Lady Love In Six Steps
Are you in the process of impressing your latest crush? How are you going about it? Impressing a girl is much more difficult than impressing your boss. A girls idea of Mr. Perfect differs from time to time and what leads ...
Steps Impress Girls
Love Making Myths
Love Making Myths Revealed
Do you know everything about sex? I am sure, you don't. The things that you know so far could be counted as myths and not as facts. People are easily carried away with certain sex myths. As you progress reading this, ...
How To Have A Successful One Night Stand
There are certain things like comfort level or compatibility level that binds your relationship with a particular person. Although you are in a relationship, in your life time, you would have come across times, when you have felt good about someone ...
Successful One Night
Old Women Orgasm
Oldies Are Not Too Old For An Orgasm
Old women, don't worry that you are too old for an orgasm. In fact you are not. I am sure women ranging in the age group of 40 – 50 will be reaching the peak, like their young counterparts. In fact, ...
Smell My Ecstasy!
Vaginal odour, one of the most important factors that turn men on. Reading this you would get an eerie feeling down your spine. Trust me, this odour can really turn your man on. Having a bad smelling vagina can ruin your ...
Vagina Odour Love Making
Homosexuals Sunk In Social Networking
Like others, gays and lesbians too enthrall on social networking sites. Their obsession towards socialnetworking has been proved that they out did heterosexuals.A recent US survey has proved this fact.While comparing heterosexuals with homosexuals, it has been proved that 54 percent ...
Homosexual Social Networking Addiction
Chronic Illness Lower Libido
Get Rid of Your Chronic - Illness, Enjoy Love Making
Experts say that healthy sexual life, can lead to a healthy personal as well as family life. Both men and women love to get closer to their partners. They find sex as the best tool to closeness. Some are lucky enough ...
Steps For Healthy Lovemaking
When a man and woman becomes one, they move to have sexual intercourse. Through this physical exercise both of their intimacy grows deeper and become more committed to each other. Sexual activity is also a reminder of love for both ...
Sexuality Tips Bebefits
What Women Think Sexual
What Women Think Between The Sheets?
A Hollywood hunk, ex-lovers, blue film scene and items in the grocery store are the things which women think of while having sex. Even the sexiest women can get thoughtful between the sheets. Some women reveal that every thing which ...
Casual Relations Risk High STD Rates
Sexual relations, which was once an expression of love has now changed to a casual act. In the survey of 783 heterosexual adults, one in 10 men and women reported that both they and their partner had slept with other people. ...
Monogamy Std Sexual Relations
Group Lovemaking
Women In australia,lovemaking,relationship!
The kinky world of lovemaking in Australia has reveled recently. It seems women in Australia are keener in australia,lovemaking,relationship as their male counterparts. Moreover, they are the initiators than their male counterparts.The most common reasons given for relationship are excitement, ...

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