Homosexuals Sunk In Social Networking

Homosexual Social Networking
Like others, gays and lesbians too enthrall on social networking sites. Their obsession towards social
networking has been proved that they out did heterosexuals.

A recent US survey has proved this fact.While comparing heterosexuals with homosexuals, it has been proved that 54 percent of homosexuals are into social networking, they read blogs or frequently tweet. On the other side it's proved that only 40 percent of heterosexuals are into social networking.

The Harris Interactive survey was taken on 2,412 adults, in those 271 were lesbians and gays. The numbers shown by the survey was really amazing. 36 percent of homosexuals said that they read current affairs blogs, while comparing to 25 percent of heterosexuals. There are homosexuals who love entertainment and music blogs,
especially pop. While comparing with heterosexuals, it's been found out that 25 percent of homosexuals are into entertainment and pop genere but only 16 percent was there on the other end.

Travel blogs are also popular among homosexuals, 16 percent of them polled, while only 8 percent of heterosexuals showed interest.

Social networking sites, the platform where both homosexuals and heterosexuals swam for various reasons like dating, building contacts, online games etc.Although you think that these social networking sites are the hub of hetero crowd, it's time to change your mind. When polled, it's found out that 73 percent of homosexuals are into Facebook. While only 65 percent of heterosexuals used this social networking site.

The professional social networking site, LinkedIn is also populated with homosexual crowd with a score of 22 percent. While only 16 percent of heterosexuals used it.
This survey proves that like heterosexual crowd, homosexuals too want to stay up to date and be racing with the new vibes.

Story first published: Friday, July 16, 2010, 10:30 [IST]

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