Impress Your Lady Love In Six Steps

Are you in the process of impressing your latest crush? How are you going about it? Impressing a girl is much more difficult than impressing your boss. A girls idea of Mr. Perfect differs from time to time and what leads to the difference is unknown. But one mantra to win her heart is to be your natural self. For rest of the needs read ahead -

1.Status - The well known fact is that women want to be secured, thus they want men who are from higher status. Higher status not always mean money but your social status. You may have noticed girls going head over heels for College Cricket Captain. This is because he is famous. He is liked by people. This social acceptance attracts her.

2.Money - It is wrong to say that women like only rich men. Women also look for relationships. They like to be loved and cared for and they respect love above money. At the same time, money adds on to one's status, thus they can't compromise with that too. Thus, we can conclude that they want the man and the money.

3.Confident Men - Women love and respect confident men. A strong personality is enough to impress a women. When she is stressed out, she would like to lean on strong shoulders for support. She would like to be assured of a better future. A stressed out men makes life hell for women.

4.Looks And Strength - Gone are the days of tall, dark and handsome. The new age women like cute looking, innocent boys who are physically fit. To impress your lady love, you need to be healthy, flaunting your boy next door image.

5.Language Skills - Nothing can impress a girl more than a good conversation. Make her laugh at your subtle jokes, put forward your modern ideas and listen to her speak. With these three things, you can win her from the World.

6.Family Man - It is very important for you to be close to your family. Your relation with your family will help her feel secured with you. Show her your family photos. A man who is close to his family will surely respect every kind of relationship.

Walk this six steps to impress her and you are sure not to fail in the attempt.

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