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Vaginal Odour
Vaginal odour, one of the most important factors that turn men on. Reading this you would get an eerie feeling down your spine. Trust me, this odour can really turn your man on. Having a bad smelling vagina can ruin your sexual life. It can also leave a bad impression on your partner. Hence having a good vaginal odour is a woman's most possessed asset.

This odour plays a vital role in your sexual life but not every woman, has the luck to have that sweet scented fanny. Women might think that bad smelling vagina is because they are not clean enough, but experts say that although you keep it clean due to some other reasons like sweat, fungal infections, your food habits etc your fanny can smell bad.

Treat your vagina with care. Like other parts of your body, it is also in you. Although women spend lots of time for other parts of their body, usually this part is neglected. Keeping it shaved and smelt nice will enhance your love making and bonding with your partner.

Now, you need not worry if your vagina smells bad. As we say there is a solution to every problem, you have one for this too. Smelly vagina can lead to vigorous usage of soap but this is not going to get you any where, instead you will have a dry and moisture less vagina. Too much of soap usage can also kill the essential bacterias that help your fanny stay wet and healthy.

Following these tips you can have a good odourous and healthy vagina :

  • Women with loud vaginal odour should go for cotton panties. Although those flashy and silky material ones are attractive, it is not good for your vagina. Cotton will always let your vagina stay wet and breath.
  • Make sure that frequently you change your sanitary protection. Also get rid of the last tampon of your period at the earliest.
  • Taking bath with cider vinegar or epsom salt mixed water can also help your vagina stay away from that bad smell. This is also good when you have an itching or any kind of vaginal irritation.
  • The most important factor that contributes to stinking vagina, is your health. Lack of sleep, smoking, coffee, processed foods and alcohol ruins your health and in turn you get that stinky vagina. Hence it is advised to stay away from these food and beverages.
  • Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits it will not only enhance your health, will also grant you a healthy and nice scented fanny.

Last but not the least, as I mentioned earlier, bad vaginal odour can also happen because of vaginal infections. So if you notice any dis-coloured discharge or irritation there, it's recommended to meet a doctor the very next minute.

Story first published: Thursday, July 22, 2010, 16:42 [IST]

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