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Meera Paros

Sitting Positions In Kamasutra
Lovemaking is not just about lying down and intertwining the bodies for many love makers. They make their physical union a memorable experience at each time through imagination and unique steps. ...
Kamasutra Lovemaking Sitting Position
Kamsutra Lying Sexual Positions
Kamasutra Sexual Positions-Lying Down Positions
Sage Vatsyayana's Kamasutra is the much ancient and referred text in the art of lovemaking. The love positions as explained in this holy text have made the physical pleasure a more thrilling and unique experience for its followers. ...
Sensual Ways Of Undressing
The method to undress is the most neglected area while discussing the art of sexual pleasure. Any sexual expert may start from the caressing methods and will progress directly to the peak level. The shedding of clothes often goes unnoticed. ...
Sensual Undressing
Spice Up Tips For Working Couples
Physical union is an inevitable part of any marital life. The marital relationship acquires a strong bond when the couple enjoy the physical pleasure together. However, the physical intercourse becomes monotonous as the days pass away and for many working couple ...
Working Couple Sexual Thrill
Women In Kamasutra
Kamasutra, the much celebrated Indian text on lovemaking has interesting references on the art of love making. ...
Women Kamasutra
Sexual Questions
Top 10 Sexual Questions
Sex is a much discussed topic and there is no doubt that there may be many questions regarding the secret act in your mind. ...
Deviated Sexual Interests
Human sexuality is a widely discussed topic and no wonder that there are many different aspects that cause much concern to the society. ...
Deviated Sexual Interests
Birth Control Methods
Birth Control For A Safe Sex - Part II
The methods for birth control are various in the present world. We have already analyzed some of the effective methods for birth control as birth control patch, birth control pill, birth control ring and birth control shot in ...
Sex Quiz: Know How Sexy You Are!
Sex is the most discussed topic in the human world. Even then many doubts regarding one's sexual interests remain unsolved. Many people doubt that they are over sexual, homosexual or lack sexual interests all together. Here is an interesting 'sex quiz' ...
Sexual Quiz
Birth Control
Birth Control For A Safe Sex Part I
When you choose to enjoy the physical pleasure together, the first question that raises in your mind may be the fear of pregnancy. On the present day, when teenage pregnancy is at its peak, the awareness about the birth control methods ...
Sexual Massage To Boost Your Sensual Life
Sexual massage has an intimate role to boost up your sensual life at any stage. The sexual massage not only brings relaxation to the partners but sets up the mood for the advanced sexual play. Master the seductive steps of sexual ...
Sexual Massage
Sexual Issues Media
Media's Role In Sexual Issues
Have you ever thought about the increasing discussions about sexual issues on the present day? Our parents will admit that, at their mature stage they knew not even half of the sexual issues that our kindergarten child speaks out. Along with ...

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