Sex Quiz: Know How Sexy You Are!

Sex is the most discussed topic in the human world. Even then many doubts regarding one's sexual interests remain unsolved. Many people doubt that they are over sexual, homosexual or lack sexual interests all together. Here is an interesting 'sex quiz' for you! You can calculate your points at the end and determine where your sexual interests belong to.

Rules to start with: Be honest with your sexual drives. You can choose only one option for each question.

1. Do you have erotic fantasies with the opposite sex?
A. Yes!
B. Sometimes
C. No....
D. How can you ask such a filthy thing?

2. What do you consider as fantastic sex?
A. Fast sex with partner/partners many times
B. Wild or stimulating sex with your partner
C. Enjoying sex all by myself
D. Having normal sex once in a while.

3. What will you do if your partner is disinterested in the sex for a while?
A. Force him/her for sex Or find another partner
B. Will seduce him/her to get over the lack of sexual interest.
C. Will do it myself
D. Think it's normal

4. Have you ever felt disinterested in sex?
A. Not always
B. Sometimes
C. No
D. Yes

5. Have you ever enjoyed sex all by yourself?
A. Yes, at times.
B. Sometimes
C. Yes!
D. No

6. Your sex life is...
A. Great! I enjoy minimum 6 sexual relationships on a weekend
B. Started as lusty. But it gets better when I know my partner well.
C. Changes, depending on what else is happening in my life
D. Starts off okay and then settles into routine sex.

7. You are in your middle ages. A teenager approach you for physical pleasure. What'll you do?
A. Will get flattered. I will enjoy sex for sex's sake.
B. I will agree only because it is my fantasy.
C. Can't say.
D. Will consider the approach.

8. Do you initiate sex?
A. Yes whenever needed
B. Rarely
C. Yes
D. Never

9. Can you imagine a month without sex?
A. I will never endure it
B. I'll be a bit more tensed or irritated
C. I'll try to cope with it.
D. I can adjust it

10. Do you prefer your partner's interests in sex?
A. Sometimes
B. Yes!
C. Yes! We share our fantasies
D. Always

Now, it is time to calculate your result. If you have more 'A's it is time for you to check your over sexuality. The more number of 'B's in your basket indicate a healthy and stimulated sexual life that you are leading. Try to analyze your homosexual deviation if you have more 'C's to mark your sexual tastes. It is high time for you to consult your physician if you have more 'D's to characterize yourself.

I hope this sexual quiz has enabled you to explore the sexual you!



Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2007, 15:26 [IST]

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