Communicate To Boost Your Sexual Life

Have your nights become monotonous repetition of same activity? Are you going through the same mechanical touchings and kissing? Do you end your discussions only with emotional and professional aspects? Are you one among those people who shudder to talk about that secret passion to your partner? Here it is time for you to understand the role of spicy talks for a enjoyable sexual relationship.


Many people believe that a spicy communication will make the sexual experience worse. They may consider asking their partner about sex will be the most rude thing they can do. The communication can be rude if you ask for sexual interaction all of sudden in a monotonous language. However there is nothing like a seductive that can keep your passion burning. Master the art of seductive communication and boost your sexual relationship.

Once you have experienced the physical attraction to each other, communicate your likes and dislikes through body language. Always convey what is the physical feature of your partner that attracts you more. You can heat up your partners blood with simple remarks as " You are so big!" "Oh! It's like cherry," "You are so strong" and your "Skin is like silk" etc. No one can deny these direct entreaties to explore the body pleasure.

Communication during lovemaking is an alien aspect to many couple. When lights are out, voices are low, and the pleasure has started, communicate some simple dialogues to keep the pleasure longer. "Where do you want me touch you?" " Can you touch me here?" "Do you want me to keep this pace?" and " How does that feel?" etc. When your partner responds with "please" or "now" the communication for a good sexual life has been completed.


A good sexual communication never fades away as soon as the physical satisfaction is achieved. You can discuss about the sensual pleasure that you have experienced. You can ask your partner "How did it feel?" "What do you want me to do next?" etc. to keep the flame burning. Once you communicate the erotic desires with the partner, both of you will know what the other person wants and feel enjoyable enough. You can even develop a mutual vocabulary to communicate during the next sexual encounter.


Communication is essential to good sex. When you shave a good communication you won't feel too self-conscious while asking your partner either to do something specific or to stop it. You'll be able to indulge in things that give your partner pleasure. You'll also have a clear idea of which things you're not prepared to engage in. Apart from all these, enjoying good sex together will strengthen your relationship.

Story first published: Friday, May 4, 2007, 18:07 [IST]

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