Reasons Why Men Want Morning Sex

It has often been noted that women are horny at night while men relish morning sex. Have you ever experienced it? It's true. Most men tend to feel tired and lousy at night and even though their wives put up all the romantic stuffs up for them to get some action, all they do is to lie on the bed and snore. On the contrary, when men get a hard in the early morning, their wives just don't seem to be in the mood. Ever wondered why?

As the studies point out, it all comes down to the play of hormones. The testosterone levels in men is at its peak during the morning hours. That is the reason why men feel more horny in the morning while women love to hold on to their pillows.

Reasons Why Men Want Morning Sex

Interestingly, a man's testosterone levels are up even before he wakes up from sleep in the morning. Women also secrete testosterone but at very minimal levels and it is at a high only in the night. Here are a few reasons why men want to have sex in the morning. Take a look.

Testosterone Levels High In The Morning
As discussed, the testosterone levels are high in men during the early morning hours. Studies have found that the longer and deeper a man has slept at night, higher will be his testosterone levels. A man's testosterone levels are at its highest in the morning while that of a woman is at its lowest.

Stress Hormone Curbs Sex Hormone
As the day progresses, both men and women have to get ready for their work. At this time, cortisol which is the stress hormone rises up and it curbs the sex hormone. It lowers the sex drive of both men and women.

Flirting Hormones
Men keep producing testosterone hormones steadily throughout the day. So, at the later part of the day the man's hormones along with his nervous system tends to make him more flirtatious. For example, if a man happens to see an attractive colleague, his brain releases feel-good neurotransmitters endorphins which triggers the blood flow to a man's genitals. Thus, men tend to be more flirtatious during the noon time.

When Women Take Control
As the evening approaches, men's testosterone levels start decreasing while that of women start to rise. At this point an erotic movie or romantic music is enough to make a woman horny. But even though a man's testosterone level is low, it is still comparatively high than women. That is why men end up having more sex in the evening than morning. Since the woman is at her peak of testosterone levels at night, she is more likely to take control and make the lovemaking experience all the more passionate.

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Story first published: Monday, July 21, 2014, 18:09 [IST]
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