Sexual Massage To Boost Your Sensual Life

Sexual massage has an intimate role to boost up your sensual life at any stage. The sexual massage not only brings relaxation to the partners but sets up the mood for the advanced sexual play. Master the seductive steps of sexual massage and make your sexual experience, as the most pleasurable one.

Stimulate Him
Get into your sexy and skimpy clothes while you get ready to massage him. Ask him to lie face down on the floor or on a rough mat other than soft bed, where you have to make the final exploration. You can gently sit on his bare legs or on the sides as you start with your massage.

Start massaging his high back with the perfumed oil or cream. You have to move your hands flat and in circles. This is a relaxing stroke and you can have that seductive soft talks to keep the flame alive. After massaging his back for 10-15 minutes, move to the shoulders and necks. Massage the area with the flat of your thumbs and kneading.

Now slowly slide down your body to his ankles. He can have stimulating touch of your physical assets at this time. It is time to massage his buttocks and legs. You can use the kneading method first and then ending with small circles. Never touch his most awaited part at this time and tease these areas with feathery strokes. Gently massage his inner thighs and keep him aroused for the final thrill. Quickly massage his legs in circling motions and turn him to face you.

He may be waiting to get your sexy figure at this time. Let him enjoy your physical sexy assets and massage his abdomen in swimming strokes. Never yield to his request for a sexual union at this time. Massage his chest and tease him on the face and all over the body for another 10-15 minutes.

Get into the shower for the final stages. Have a hot shower together and let him undress or caress your body. Plunge into the soft bed that awaits you and enjoy the utmost pleasure together

Pamper Her
Sexual massage for your girl will make her aroused beyond your imagination. To start with ask her to lie face down in a hard mat. Appreciate her two piece sexy suit before you start massaging. Sit beside her and start to pamper her body with the sexual massage.

You can start massaging her high back as she had done it for you. You can remove the back knot of her bra, letting the front piece to cling to her sexy boobs. While massaging her back, neck and shoulders be careful not to slip your palms underneath her body.

After massaging her back, slowly shift to her legs. You can start from her ankles by kneading them. Gradually progress to her calf muscles and thighs in circular motion. Caress her inner thighs as she whimpers for the sexual union. Give a slight touch to her private areas and turn her to face you. It is time to undress her. Slowly remove her lower lingeries and start massaging her lower abdomen. Move your hands upwards and take out the loose bra. Gently massage her breasts and knead her nipples. Now, wait for 10-15 minutes by caressing her whole body and face to let the oil suck into her skin. Get into the hot shower and caress her body. Carry her to the soft bed in your strong arms and explore the sexual thrill together.

You can try this exotic sexual massage before the next sexual intercourse. You will see that it will add a different and enjoyable dimension to your sexual life.

Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2007, 15:53 [IST]

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