Spice Up Tips For Working Couples

Physical union is an inevitable part of any marital life. The marital relationship acquires a strong bond when the couple enjoy the physical pleasure together. However, the physical intercourse becomes monotonous as the days pass away and for many working couple it becomes an alien affair. Never let the unique pleasure to become a boring exercise before sleep. Here are some spice up tips for working couple to rekindle and stimulate the passion.

The seductive steps for enjoying the sexual thrill should start from both the partners. Let the flame of desire catch your veins at any time, to make the sexual experience at night, an anticipatory moment. Start your morning with a brief kissing and try to be in the presence of partner during the morning chore. You can cook together, bath together and dress up each other to save the precious morning time in a romantic way. Be in each others' arms for a few seconds before you get separated for the busy corporate schedule.

A busy day at office may not let you to think much about your partner. However make it a routine to spare at least 10 minutes of your office time to call up your partner and say “I love You", exchange some naughty mails or sms and to let him/her know that how much you miss their presence. These small romantic acts need not interrupt your work schedule, as you can find time for them during the lunch hours also.

An effective time management will help you to reach back at home on time. If you are reaching early, open the door for him/her with a romantic kiss or hug. On the other hand surprise your partner with some simple surprise gifts as flowers, chocolates, perfumed candles etc. It is time to forget your office tensions. Leave the office baggage out of sight and it is time for the most rewarding time i your day.

After the household duties, take a bath to refreshen yourself and change into neat and sexy clothes. Enjoy the dinner together, preferably with your cell phone and television switched off. You can start to discuss some simple things like how was your day, how much you missed him/her and how you are waiting to get back to the bed etc. However avoid serious discussions that may create any mental blocks between you.

Finally, spend some time before getting on to your bed. You can sit together and watch a movie together if possible, some naughty ones. Start caressing each other at this time and get into deep kissing sequences. Let your clothes start shedding at that time itself. You can get into the bedroom in each other's arms and let the sexual thrill reach its peak there.

Every day, you need not take the same steps to enjoy these much anticipated moments. Always invent new techniques to spice up the situation as strip tease, lap dance , cocktail sessions, sexual massage, aromatic bath etc. As you start anticipating this rewarding moment in your day, the new spice up plans will come to your mind without your awareness. Take rest for 6-8 hours in each other's arms and welcome the next working day with new seductive plans for the night.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 17:43 [IST]

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