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Meera Paros

Islamic Sexual Beliefs
Sexuality is strictly confined to the bond of marriage in Islam. Even though there are strict Islamic beliefs regarding sexuality; permissible sexual relationships are considered as great wells of love and closeness. Sex is viewed as a recreational purpose, for strengthening ...
Islam Sexual Beliefs
Sexuality Old Age
Sensual Pleasures In Your Old Age
The colours of life may begin to fade as your middle age approaches. The spirit of the youth may have melted in the burden and responsibilities to family,society, job and children. During this time without your awareness one more important aspect ...
Communicate To Boost Your Sexual Life
Have your nights become monotonous repetition of same activity? Are you going through the same mechanical touchings and kissing? Do you end your discussions only with emotional and professional aspects? Are you one among those people who shudder to talk about ...
Sexual Communication
Marital Sexual Life
Good Sexual Life And Healthy Marital Relationship
Marital life and sexual life are two interconnected words since; sexual relationship gets legal, societal and sacred approval only through marriage. The physical attraction between the partners serves as a positive background for a successful marital life. The sizzle in your ...
The depiction of lovemaking in art forms
Lovemaking, the intrinsic emotional feeling of all lively things has its explicit representation in all art forms. Many people consider the act of sex as artistic. Even though the method of representation varies; the basic idea conveyed remain aesthetically sensual and ...
Sexuality Art
Mothering Sexual Life
Mothering your husband-Is it a threat to your sexual life?
Many men desire their wives to imitate their mother's habits, routine, cooking and caring. The list stops here. No man ever dreamt about a mothering wife on bed. Men all over the world would like an active partner for their physical ...
First Lovemaking
Get ready to win your wife in the first night
First night! The most waited moment after your eventful bachelor life. As soon as you enter your bedroom and see your bride in a coy state, a panic may strike you. How will you start your lovemaking? It would be difficult ...

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