The depiction of lovemaking in art forms

Lovemaking, the intrinsic emotional feeling of all lively things has its explicit representation in all art forms. Many people consider the act of sex as artistic. Even though the method of representation varies; the basic idea conveyed remain aesthetically sensual and explicit. This article is a brief illustration of the depiction of sex in the popular art forms.

The depiction of sexuality in sculptures in dated back to centuries. The excellent examples for this are sexual sculptures in Khajuraho temple and Bhatkal temple of India. The erotic sculptures of Ting Hua Liu are considered as the depiction of absolutely fabulous act of sex. The erotic sculptures of Martino Catalano are poetic and sometimes harsh. In sculpture garden you can peer at some of the most famous Roman sculpture of erotic charms.

Paintings have shown erotic scenes explicitly and through the mix of colours. The controversial pictures of Hindu goddesses by M.F.Hussain incorporated a new chapter to this realm. Gil Elvgren's paintings showed sexual depictions for a cause. The painters at many instances use Freud's symbols to incorporate the theme of sex in their drawings.

Depiction of sexual interests through dance is very popular for ages. The most explicit expressions of sexual feelings through dance are cabaret dances and strip tease dances. All other dance forms like Indian classical dances; salsa, part dances etc. express the idea of lovemaking through specific mudras, steps and facial expressions. On many occasions dance forms evoke a desire for sensual feelings in the spectator.

Music has distinct way of depicting the art of sex. Music usually expresses the idea of lovemaking through the lyrics. Instrumental music has different notes and combinations to express and evoke the idea of lovemaking. The most explicit way of representing sex through music is the duet songs with meaningful lyrics.

Sex in literature is the most enjoyed art form for many ages. All classical literary works carry sexual connotations through imagery, symbols and metaphors. The popular fictions carry explicit sexual reading materials for the readers. The excellent example for the depiction of sex in literature is Vatsyana's Kamasutra.

The most popular form of depicting sexuality is through films. The pornographical movies depict sexuality in an open manner whereas other movies depict sexuality through scenes, meaningful locations etc.

Since sexuality is an intricate feeling of human beings; it would find its expression in all that we make. The idea makes these art forms aesthetically sensual.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 17:02 [IST]

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