Top 10 Sexual Questions

Top 10 Sexual Questions

Sex is a much discussed topic and there is no doubt that there may be many questions regarding the secret act in your mind. However this article is not about the general questions regarding sex. This is about sexual questions, which you can ask to your prospective sexual partner. Try these general questions and see the difference in your sexual life.

Warning: You should have prior acquaintance with the prospective partner before you proceed to the sexual games. Just start with casual talks and see how these questions with following suggestions win them.

Which colour do you like most?
This is the most tricky question to initiate a sexual conversation. Whatever be the answer to this question from your desired partner, you must stick to blue or red colour. It is universally known that 'blue' colour signifies deep desire for sexual pleasure.

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You can express your interest in the colour and also suggest that your partner will look good in a blue attire.

What do you usually do on weekends?
This question is supposed to be the best one to woo single girls. The enthusiastic girls, who are interested in you may reveal that their weekends are monotonous. You have to grab the opportunity and invite her for an outing. Let the first steps of your physical pleasure initiate on that day.

Do you like spicy or hot things?
Any dating will be incomplete without a fine dine in a comfortable restaurant. You can casually ask the above question while ordering from the menu. If the answer is positive, jovially hint what the real spicy and hot things that you can offer for her.

Shall we go for a ride?
Positive results to the above questions enable you to ask this question. If the girl is really interested in you, she may not deny the offer. Always remember to take her on a bike other than in the comfort zones of your luxury car. You can use the breaks and accelerator at proper times, which makes the first physical interaction between you.

Why don't you visit my house once?
This is an obvious question that you can ask at the end of first date. If the answer is positive, fix up a date when you are alone at the residence. Arrange for some some CDs that are not explicitly related to pornography but, have some spice up elements in it.

Do you find this movie interesting?
You can start watching the movie on separate seats. As the time progresses, move close to the person and give absent or brushing touches. If there is no negative response take the palms and start caressing the soft body parts. Keep this stimulating play and ask this question at the end of the film.

What about me?
The answer to your preceding question may be positive or a curt nod. In both cases, continue your foreplay and ask this direct question.

Shall we do it?
You may not get a negative reply to the previous question. It is time to ask this most direct question. If the answer is positive, why should you wait more? Explore the sexual thrill that you may not forget for a long time.

How did it feel?
Your questions should never end with the sexual play. Ask your partner how was the sexual experience and whether you hurt her during the activity. Pamper each other for some more time that will give a fine conclusion to the act.

When'll we meet again?
This last question is most important even if you never want to meet the partner again. This will give a soothing feeling to your sexual experience and a sweet anticipation for the next venture.

Now try these questions and let the world know the change in your sexual life!

Story first published: Wednesday, August 8, 2007, 18:50 [IST]

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