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Foreplay Tricks To Try Without Using Hands
It is always fun to excite your partner with some new tricks. This way, you can spice up sex and make it a hot session. Foreplay is one of the ways to spice up romance and make your love-making sessions all ...
Foreplay Tricks Without Using Hands
Oral Sex Tips Women
Mind Blowing Oral Sex Tips For Women!
Oral sex is a nice way to build up the perfect mood and stimulate each other. If you do not want to have an intercourse, you can definitely try oral sex. It is pleasurable, erotic and orgasmic! You can use your ...
Tips To Give A Sexy Blow Job
Giving a blow job is something that few women love, but majority of them hate it. There can be many reasons behind it. While few women feel awkward in giving a blow job, there are many women who actually do not ...
Give Blow Job
Use Mouth Spice Up Sex
Use Mouth To Spice Up Sex
When you have sex, you just use your hands, fingers, lips, nose, legs and your sexual organs. Well, there are few body parts like the mouth that can help you spice up your sex life. You read it right! There are ...
6 Things You Learn From Porn
Watching porn is not a new activity of men and women. While men are used to watching porn on a daily or weekly basis, women have a mixed response towards adult videos. While some look to satisfy themselves but there are ...
Things Learn From Porn
Foreplay Tips For Man
Foreplay Tips To Excite Your Man
Wondering what turns on a man? No, it is not just sex! If you think foreplay is only intended to arouse a woman, then you are probably wrong. Foreplay is one of the best ways to arouse a man or a ...
Great Sex Is Due To Foreplay
Many couples believe that to have great sex, they need to the surf Internet, watch porn and read books. These ideas can help you perform better in bed. Did you know that great sex is only due to great foreplay. So, ...
Foreplay For Great Sex
Basic Rules Sex
7 Basic Rules For Better Sex
Sex is something that can make you feel good. But, you cannot have it anyway you desire. There are few rules that should be kept in mind. If you are going to have sex for the first time, you have to ...
Spicy Foreplay Moves To Excite A Woman
Foreplay is loved by women. Be it for few minutes or for an hour, foreplay spices up sex to a greater extent. This is because women take time to get highly excited. This is where foreplay plays a vital role in ...
Foreplay Moves Excite Woman
Increase Lubrication Naturally Excite Woman 120412 Aid
Ways To Increase Lubrication Naturally!
Lubrication alters your mood by making it easier to penetrate. Every woman lubricates and the discharge increases when she is sexually excited. Dry vagina can make it difficult to have an intercourse. Moreover, it is painful and can cause infectious. ...
Sensual Tricks To Keep It Wild When He Is Far!
You feel bored and desperate when your partner goes far from you for few days or weeks. The urge of making love to your partner increases more when physical distance is more... This is why, you find it difficult to resist ...
Sensual Tricks Keep It Wild 050412 Aid
Weird Things Excite Women 150312 Aid
7 Weird Things Which Turn On Women!
You must be knowing few things which excites a woman in minutes. For example, teasing her or touching her can turn the woman on within a minute. But there are few weird things too which can turn on a woman instantly! ...
What Men Love To Hear After Sex?
After having sex, men want to sleep whereas women want to talk. This is one of the main reasons why women misunderstand men. For this reason, few women feel that they are being used by their men. Did you know men ...
Things Tell Man After Making Love 140312 Aid
Bananas Sensual Fruit Lovemaking 030112 Aid
Bananas For Sensual Lovemaking!
Bananas are considered as a sensual fruit for lovemaking. This is a sensual fruit because of its shape, size and appearance. Women use it sensually to attract a man and even for self-stimulation. How? Check out...Bananas, a sensual fruit for lovemaking:Women ...

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