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What's Good Lovemaking For A Woman?
A man always thinks what action can make his woman enjoy orgasm. Women don't open up and speak when asked about good lovemaking. This is why, men use their mind and sense to find out what type of lovemaking makes a ...
Lovemaking Woman Love
After Orgasm Making Love
What To Do After An Orgasm?
Had a mind blowing orgasm and don't know what to do after that? Well, the answer is simple. Be with her and try to keep the romantic mood even after making love. Women want to talk and cuddle their partners after ...
Why Is Oral Pleasure 'The Best' Post Marriage?
Many are into a misconception that foreplay is always done before marriage as it is safe and doesn't bother much but that shouldn't be the case with the happily married couple. Oral lovemaking can be a part of foreplay post marriage. ...
Oral Pleasure Lovemaking
Lovemaking Positions Women
Lovemaking Positions For Easy Women Orgasm!
It is a tough job to satisfy a woman on bed. This is mainly because women take time to reach orgasm and this can be really tiring for the men as they don't take much longer to reach climax. However, by ...
Positions To Avoid Premature Ejaculation
Early ejaculation is one of the most common problem which men face in lovemaking. This can also lead to embarrassment, stress and lack of confidence. Premature ejaculation also becomes difficult to satisfy the woman. This is basically a physical and psychological ...
Avoid Premature Ejaculation
Men Love Foreplay
Do Men Love Foreplay Like Women?
It is often believed that only women love foreplay. Is it true? Well the answer is No. Even men crave for foreplay and the moves which women do to drive them crazy. Men love to fantasize and this is what makes ...
7 Things Women Never Reveal In Bed!
Many women have complained that their partners are not that great in bed and even if they are great, they don't stand up to the expectations. Making love can be awesome only when the couple enjoy and live the moment freely ...
Women Never Reveal Bed
Foreplay Tips Maximum Pleasure
Top 5 Foreplay Tips To Attain Maximum Pleasure
Do you want to attain maximum pleasure in foreplay? Well, here are a few simple tips. Foreplay plays a very important role in bonding a physical relationship of the new couple. To attain and get the best of relationship, you ...
Arousing Tips To Turn Her On!
Do you always feel like making love to your woman and often find her not very interested as you are? Well, it is the same case with every couple as all women differ from men when it comes to arousal ways. ...
Arousing Tips Woman
Oral Pleasure Foreplay Before Marriage
How To Get Oral Pleasure Before Marriage?
Are you planning to get married but have been craving to make love to your partner, well, it is no big deal as there are safe ways to get the same pleasure you always longed for. Oral pleasure is the safest ...
Foreplay Techniques To Arouse A Woman!
Making love starts getting sensual if some foreplay is done. Foreplay before lovemaking is a nice option to open up the comfort level and make her feel wanted. Through this you can get to know each others desires, anxieties and fantasies ...
Foreplay Techniques Arouse Woman
Types Of Kisses Enhance Lovemaking
Types Of Kisses To Enhance Lovemaking
To spice up the heat in a bedroom, couples would go in for various types of lovemaking positions to enhance the love life between sheets. Other than lovemaking positions there are various other types of tricks and games you and your ...
Her Erogenous Zones Can Make Your Night Wild
In love making you have to get down and dirty. If your love life is reaching the state of ruins , then its time to wake up and learn a few techniques. For men out there , take your wife or ...
Orgasm Foreplay Zones
Women Crave Sex
Women Don't Hesitate To Ignite The Passion
Women crave sex nearly as often as men do. When it comes to love, lust and good old-fashioned romance, the genders don't differ.An online survey found that almost 33 per cent of women want sex every day, compared with 40 per ...

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