What To Do After An Orgasm?

After Orgasm
Had a mind blowing orgasm and don't know what to do after that? Well, the answer is simple. Be with her and try to keep the romantic mood even after making love. Women want to talk and cuddle their partners after making love but men feel sleepy after the tiring session. This is why, here are tips on things to do after an orgasm.

What to do after an orgasm?

Don't stop: As soon as you reach climax, don't leave your partner. Clean up the mess and cuddle each other. Getting up immediately after lovemaking can make you appear selfish. Respect your female by spending some time with her.

Kiss her: Its tiring to love after the session but give her few kisses to make her feel better. It also makes her get in a mood for a new lovemaking session. Even if you have to rush for work, don't forget to kiss before leaving!

Discuss: Talk to her about the session. Know what you two like to get a better idea. You will come to know what she liked and expects. This helps satisfy her on bed.

Perform again: If you both still want more, then get into another lovemaking session. Build the mood to make love by caressing her. Feel her and extend the foreplay. By foreplay, you can increase the drive for love.

Bath together: After the lovemaking session, take a bath together. The intimate bath can boost up the mood and love for each other.

Entertain: Watch tv together or play music and dance. A sensual dance or a steamy scene on tv is great after an orgasm. Eat some snacks while entertaining each other. You can also use sensual fruits such as strawberries or grapes to spice the romantic mood.

Sleep together: If both are free, then take a nap together. Hug each other and sleep tight. This will build the comfort level and make you feel good too!

So, don't sleep immediately after the session and make it boring.

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Story first published: Monday, October 10, 2011, 16:42 [IST]

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