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Doggy Style: Why It Offers So Much Of Pleasure
The doggy style is not just for the back-door-entry. It works very well for vaginal intercourse too. In fact, a man can enjoy the penetration more from behind as a woman's butt acts like a cushion. And yes, women too enjoy ...
Benefits Of The Doggy Style Position
How To Stimulate His G Spot
How To Stimulate His G-Spot & Make Him Scream With Pleasure!
Do G-spots really exist? Well, don't get into such questions. Your man's body has some areas which are really sensitive. Stimulating those points will make him scream in pleasure. The male G-spot is said to exist somewhere near the anus. Stimulating ...
Things You Need To Know Before Going Down On Her
Things You Need To Know Before Going Down On Her
Sometimes, a blow job works better than penetration. Yes, many couples admit it. Some men and women experience orgasm only when a tongue touches the privates. Every man dreams of a woman who can lick his balls well. In the same ...
Ways To Enjoy Better n Longer Orgasm
Women always love foreplay. The main reason is not just romance. Foreplay makes a woman more excited as it is a step to build the mood and turn her on. Women often crave for bigger and better orgasms during foreplay. This ...
Ways To Enjoy Better Orgasm
Woman On Top Positions
Woman On Top Sex Positions
There are many woman on top sex positions that you can try to turn on your man and make him enjoy some humping show! Men love to see when women are riding on their top and making them enjoy pleasure. Apart ...
Mind Blowing Oral Sex Tips For Women!
Oral sex is a nice way to build up the perfect mood and stimulate each other. If you do not want to have an intercourse, you can definitely try oral sex. It is pleasurable, erotic and orgasmic! You can use your ...
Oral Sex Tips Women
Woman On Top Sitting Tantric Sex
Woman On Top (Sitting): Tantric Sex Position
There are many Tantric sex positions that you would love to try. Wondering what is this Tantric sex positions? These are the ancient sex positions from the famous sex bible, Kama Sutra. According to the ancient Indian scriptures, there are 9 ...
Sex Tricks To Reach Orgasm Together
A man tries several attempts to make his woman reach orgasm. However, both men and women desire to reach orgasm together. Whats better than having a mind blowing orgasm together? Couples try hard to reach orgasm at the same time, ...
Sex Tricks Reach Orgasm Together
Stair Master Sex Position
'Stair Master' Sex Position For Women
Enjoying sex at different places is spicy and interesting too. Having sex in the same old bed can become very boring after a span of time. Add spice to your sex life by trying in some naughty places like balcony, living ...
Try These Sex Positions On Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is around the corner. As romance is in the air, you are in full mood to have some spicy sex sessions with your partner. To make your valentine's day special and erotic, here are some spicy sex positions that ...
Sex Positions Valentines Day
Ways Help Him Improve Oral Sex
Ways To Improve His Oral Sex Skills
Getting involved in oral sex is exciting and a real fun. Oral sex helps you enjoy immense pleasure and orgasm. However, reaching and playing with the g-spot down there is not easy for men. There are only few men who know ...
Masturbation Tips For Virgin Women
There are many girls who treasure virginity as an asset. You can even come across girls who take virginity as something simple. That is why, having sex is becoming a trend among young teens too. Virgin girls are scared to lose ...
Masturbation Tips Virgin Women
Spoon Sex Position
The Sensual Spoon Sex Position
There are many sex positions that couples would love. For example, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and spoon are some of the most commonly loved sex positions of all. Any couple would love to try other sex positions. However, you need to ...

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