7 Things Women Never Reveal In Bed!

Women Never Reveal In Bed
Many women have complained that their partners are not that great in bed and even if they are great, they don't stand up to the expectations. Making love can be awesome only when the couple enjoy and live the moment freely and comfortably. Even after men performing most of the task while making love, they make some mistakes in bed which can be very negative on the woman. Lets take a look at the most things which women will never reveal in bed.

Things women will never reveal in bed:

1. The most common thing that women never reveal or express in bed is not telling her expectations and needs to her man. If he has tried to know his partner's interest and needs for the night then it is the fault of a woman which leads to a bad session. Try to reveal your desires as he might want to know your interest too. If you can't express in bed, then make signs to give hints.

2. A woman will never express in bed that she wants more kisses. Less kissing makes a woman hate him on the bed and get frustrated. Kissing not only makes the woman wanted or loved but also turns her on. To start orgasm, she wants to be kissed as its erotic for her.

3. A woman hates a man on bed who is selfish and forgets her immediately after reaching climax. A woman can't reveal in bed that she needs to be caressed or loved after the lovemaking session but most of the men because of getting tired and sleepy don't talk to their partners after making love. Whereas a woman is in full mood to talk and feel intimate after the session. This will never be revealed by her and make her depressed at times.

4. Early climax makes a woman sad and unhappy. A woman can't express to her man in bed!

5. One orgasm is not sufficient or enough for a woman. When compared to men, women take a lot of time to settle their aroused mood. Irrespective of the satisfaction attained in the session, women urges to have more and this urge for a new session is seldom expressed by a woman.

6. Women never reveal in bed that they want their men to remember the g spot.

7. Foreplay is a woman's favorite while making love. A woman can't express in bed but she wants to get into active foreplay. If you directly jump to an intercourse without a foreplay, you will definitely be aroused but your woman will not be. Use foreplay as a tool to arouse her and also make her forget your mistakes.

These seven things women never reveal in bed!

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Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2011, 16:38 [IST]

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