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The Spicy Game-Sensate Focus Lovemaking!
In the present day lifestyle I is not difficult to meet up couples who are bored with their lovemaking sessions. Here is a spicy game for stimulating their senses. The new spicy game is called sensate focus lovemaking! The ...
Sensate Focus Lovemaking
Cuddle After Lovemaking Intercourse
Cuddle With Your Lady Love After Spicy Lovemaking
 After a spicy lovemaking men rush to long hours sleep schedule, without a clue that their lady love may actually get very upset. A latest research states that when it comes to getting physically intimate, foreplay is just a start; ...
Pros And Cons Of Oral Sex:
Oral sex consists of all sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth, which may include use of the tongue, teeth, and throat, to stimulate genitalia. People may engage in oral sex as part of foreplay before intercourse, or during ...
Oral Lovemaking Sexual Diseases
Sexual Questions
Top 10 Sexual Questions
Sex is a much discussed topic and there is no doubt that there may be many questions regarding the secret act in your mind. ...
Strange Mating Rituals
If you think mating rituals, like foreplay and kissing techniques are something very humane then think again. ...
Mating Rituals
Islam Sexual Beliefs
Islamic Sexual Beliefs
Sexuality is strictly confined to the bond of marriage in Islam. Even though there are strict Islamic beliefs regarding sexuality; permissible sexual relationships are considered as great wells of love and closeness. Sex is viewed as a recreational purpose, for strengthening ...
Mothering your husband-Is it a threat to your sexual life?
Many men desire their wives to imitate their mother's habits, routine, cooking and caring. The list stops here. No man ever dreamt about a mothering wife on bed. Men all over the world would like an active partner for their physical ...
Mothering Sexual Life
Her Erogenous Zones
Erogenous zones are hot areas with nerve endings that heighten sensitivity, which normally results in sexual response. Be a passionate lover to explore her erogenous areas to excite both her mind and body. Drive her wild by approaching the apt zones ...
Egypt Sexuality
Sexuality In Ancient Egypt
Sexuality is universal in nature but different in appeal to people living in different parts of the world. Ancient Egypt had its own colouring of sexuality like all other races. Sexuality in the religion of ancient Egypt is portrayed with adultery, ...
Spice up your lovemaking with Salsa
The different forms of art have always touched the sensibility of not just art lovers but also the common laymen like you and me. The portrayal of art can also be manifested in different aspects of life . The ...
Lovemaking Salsa
Perform Good Lovemaking
How to Perform Well in Love Making
<p>Your lovely wife, lying on the bed,<br /> grasps her own feet<br /> and draws them up until they reach her hair;<br /> you catch her breasts and make love:<br /> this is "Vyomapada" (Sky-foot).<br /><br /> This is just one ...

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