Sexual Compatibility And Temperament In Accordance With Kamasutra

Sexual Compatibility And Temperament

The holy text of lovemaking by sage Vatsyana has many thoughtful insights regarding the practice of physical pleasure. One of the much sought and most discussed topics in Kamasutra is the description to find the sexual compatibility and temperaments between a man and a woman. Let us explore the widely accepted sexual facts in Kamasutra.

Kamasutra defines three categories of men in accordance with the length of their penis as the hare, the bull and the horse. In a similar manner there are three categories of women in accordance with the depth of their vagina as doe, mare and elephant. Kamasutra instructs that the equal sexual partnerships are between doe and the hare; mare and the bull and elephant and the horse.

Kamasutra acknowledges that couples with mismatching dimensions will not satisfy each other. The sexual intercourse between elephant with hare or bull, mare with hare or horse and doe with bull or horse have to preferably avoided. Kamasutra insists that there should not be any sexual union between elephant with hare and doe with horse.

The categorisation of men and women into three different categories has given an answer for the long asked question regarding the difference in sexual temperaments between men and women. It has been justified that couples belonging to matching dimensions will have equal sexual temperaments and those belonging to mismatching dimensions will have diverse sexual temperaments.

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Kamasutra explains that there are three kinds of sexual temperaments that can be seen in men and women. People with a passionate sexual temperament will never hide their lust in their lives. It is easy for people with a moderate sexual temperament to control their lust. The cold tempered people naturally feel a little desire for lovemaking and their sexual peak may not be so vigorous. They usually get directly into the sexual act avoiding any foreplay.

Kamasutra states that despite the sexual compatibility and temperament, a lover's skill during the sexual thrill is determined by how far he/she can prolong the pleasure of making love. Since both the couples engrossed in the same act and seeking the same pleasure, they must blend their desires to reach the orgasm. Kamasutra instructs that the lovers must dedicate themselves to take their partner to the heights of sexual pleasure.

Kamasutra recognizes that no two couples will be similar to each other in size, temperament and skill. In that case there cannot be any hard and fast rules to govern lovemaking. The lovers must experiment with love's skills as kisses, caressing, teeth and nail games to experience the sexual satisfaction. The sexual experience will go as the touching of two bodies, the locking of groins, the separation after sexual accomplishment, the quieting of violent breath and the still release of body as well as mind. Kamasutra also cites that even lovers with different sexual temperaments may find sexual pleasure through these unique experiments.

Kamsutra concludes the discussion by stating that physical pleasure is not the sole end of sexual compatibility and matching temperament. At the end of a successful experience you will feel the loving music of serenity that unite your heart with your lover's, around you.


Story first published: Thursday, September 27, 2007, 10:44 [IST]

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