Foreplay Tricks To Try Without Using Hands

It is always fun to excite your partner with some new tricks. This way, you can spice up sex and make it a hot session. Foreplay is one of the ways to spice up romance and make your love-making sessions all the more hot! Not just women, but men too love foreplay.

A nice foreplay can set the perfect mood. To increase the wildness, you can try some sexy foreplay tricks that will work wonders. Take a break from the regular foreplay and oral sex and try something challenging. Here are a few foreplay tricks that can be tried without using your hands. It would be fun to arouse your partner without using your hands.

Foreplay Tricks Without Using Hands:

Foreplay Tricks To Try Without Using Hands

Tongue: Use your tongue to tickle him/her and arouse sexually. To get best results, focus on the sexual zones of the body. For example, women get aroused when they are teased on their sensual zones like neck, behind the ears and inner thighs. For men, you can target their chest, neck, inner thighs and lower waist.

Hair: Women can play with their long hair to tickle and arouse their men. This is a sexy and challenging foreplay trick that can work wonders or just spoil it. So, check out some videos and get some guidance. If played well, you can turn him on without using your hands.

Nails: Women with long nails can play this foreplay trick with ease. Turn on your man by using your long nails. To make it spicier, do not let him move while you explore his body with your nails.

Feel His Breath: This is a sexy foreplay trick where there is no physical contact at all. Go completely close to your partner and feel his breath on you. Both of you doing it together will enhance the feeling of arousal. Control your urge to kiss and keep on feeling each other's breath and lips without actually touching. This is guaranteed to make you and your partner go wild with desire.

Slight Body Touch: Once you and your partner are aroused and want to touch each other badly, start with slight touching. You can either use your fingertips or use your precious assets to turn the other on.

Try these foreplay tricks to arouse your partner without using hands.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 17:18 [IST]
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