Her Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are hot areas with nerve endings that heighten sensitivity, which normally results in sexual response. Be a passionate lover to explore her erogenous areas to excite both her mind and body. Drive her wild by approaching the apt zones in the right way. Some women love having a particular body touched in certain way while others cannot bear it.


Before you begin take soft linen cloth, spray it with aromatic perfume that turns her on and blindfold her. Let her keep guessing every second what is in store for her in the dark.

Ear - Some women's ears are highly sensitive to touch. When you start exploring behind her ear gently with your tongue, watch her reactions. If she likes it then move on to add more spice. She will freeze with the sound of your breathing and a seducing whisper will doubly arouse her. Lick around the edges of her ear with the tip of your tongue. Gently suck her earlobes and begin the running commentary on what you are doing next. It produces an arousing sensation throughout her body and curls her toes.

Lips - lips are rated as the number one erotic zone of women. So, learn the art of manipulating her lips. Kiss her with great passion. Use your lips, tongue, teeth and fingers to play the trick.


Begin the art of lovemaking, by running the tip or your finger over her bottom lip. Open her mouth gently using the same finger and tease your tongue between her lips. Let your tongue do the rest of the work now. Slowly run tip of your tongue on the edges of her lips. Then gently suck on her bottom lip or bite it. Take full control and thrust your tongue deeper in her mouth. This erotic move will make her plead for more. Depending on her reaction or heavy breathing you can be more aggressive or gentle.


Neck - it is the most sensitive part of her body. Breathe warmly, move your fingertips from below the ears to her shoulders in circular motions. Kiss her gently and sink your teeth harmlessly on her soft skin. Massage it with your tongue to pulsate her spine. Caress that area in the most passionate way you can think of.

Nipples and Breasts - Irrespective of the size of the breasts entire breast part including, the undersides of breast and nipples are rich in nerve endings. The most sensitive parts are nipples and areola. Just moving your fingers alone in these areas can stimulate her.

So, focus on the whole area, avoid going to the nipples first. Give her the most desired gentle circular strokes using your hand. Then begin your kissing techniques. As her eyes are closed you can even wet your fingertips in cold ice and move it around her areola. However, do not spend hours on this area, if she is not responding well.

Navel- some women feel ticklish but some shiver at the very touch near the navel or on the navel. Experts say that stimulating this area with lip and tongue will cause vibrations that will arouse her G spot to the maximum. So, if your ladylove loves it then get creative to play with some fruits and creams on it.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 16:48 [IST]

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