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Sexual Pleasure

Things Men Demand During Sex
While having sex, you do not think twice. You just go with the flow and try your best to enjoy the moment. Throughout the session, you will try hard to excite your partner and make wild love. Doing something creative ...
What Men Demand During Sex
Have Sex With An Inexperienced Man
Tips To Have Sex With An Inexperienced Man
When you have sex for the first time, you are either scared or tensed. Always the questions like, "Is it painful?" or "Am I doing it right" keeps running on your mind. Having sex with an inexperienced man or boyfriend can ...
Why You Should Be Naked Sometimes?
The idea of going naked scares many women. Even in front of their partners, women feel awkward to undress. The urge to hide the body makes your hands instinctively reach out for the blanket. Do you like to be undressed at ...
Go Naked Benefits Being Naked 180412 Aid
Experience Pain After Making Love 110412 Aid
Pain That You Experience After Sex
Sex can be sensitive or wild, depending on the fire and passion between the two. The lovemaking session can be erotic or slow. Sex is one of the physical activities which can give you pain, bruises, and love marks. While some ...
Why Women Have Sex? Reasons Behind Making Love!
Why do you have sex? It is a simple yet straight question! What can be the answers? You have sex for fun, to relieve stress, enjoy pleasure and share an intimate time with your partner. For men, sex is always on ...
Why Women Make Love 030412 Aid
Virginity Loss Erotic Pleasure New Book
How to Lose Your Virginity? A US Window Washer Writes!
A new book presents erotic pleasure of strangers and lose of virginity by a professional window washer.He is Shawn Wickens, 34, of Sunnyside, who went around 12,000 miles in 36 cities, in order to convey to people and help in ...
Catholic Kamasutra
Celibate monk pens the 'Catholic Kama Sutra'
A celibate monk has launched a website advising Catholic couples how to have better sex. Father Ksawery Knotz's service has been flooded with requests ever since he started offering tips on how to achieve 'super orgasms'. The ...
Sexy Surprises Lovemaking Tips
Sensual Surprises For Him
Sexy surprises are a must in any love relationships as it builds the bond on a strong firm of 'I wanna date you as the first time every night". So keep your love life buzzing with extra energy every night on ...
Sensual Undressing
Sensual Ways Of Undressing
The method to undress is the most neglected area while discussing the art of sexual pleasure. Any sexual expert may start from the caressing methods and will progress directly to the peak level. The shedding of clothes often goes unnoticed. ...
Obesity and sexual pleasure
<p><p>There is an intrinsic relationship between marital success and sexual pleasure. A recent survey proved that fifty percent of the divorce cases in India owe a failure in sexual relationship. Here one of the major villains to hinder the sexual relationship ...
Obesity Sexual Pleasure
His Erogenous Zones
His Erogenous Zones
"Sex is an emotion in motion" 'Mae West' an American actress. While making love men often complain that women lie as a dead starfish while they play out every technique to please their partner. Get into action girls! Explore ...

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