Tips To Have Sex With An Inexperienced Man

When you have sex for the first time, you are either scared or tensed. Always the questions like, "Is it painful?" or "Am I doing it right" keeps running on your mind. Having sex with an inexperienced man or boyfriend can be a really difficult. You have to talk smartly so that you do not break his ego or turn him off. Use these right tricks to enjoy sex with your inexperienced man.

Tips to have sex with an inexperienced boyfriend:

Tips To Have Sex With An Inexperienced Man

Show him clips: A virgin man will know how to have sex, but may not have a sound knowledge on foreplay or orgasm. So, show him video clips of porn which explains all these. Often a virgin man doesn't even know how to wear a condom! Give him a brief on it so that he becomes an expert with time and practice.

Take him down: Your inexperienced boyfriend may not know how to insert and where to insert. A virgin man will try to insert at the wrong place so, take him down with your hands and slowly let him go inside you. Be calm while taking him inside you.

Slowly whisper and guide: You should not be rude if you are having sex with a virgin. Remember even you were not perfect. Experience and practice can make him also learn like you. So be careful while teaching your inexperienced man to have sex. Whisper in his ears with love and sensual tone so that you do not break his ego.

Discuss: A man would not know your private sensual zones that turn you on. He might have got few hints on the spots but you have to discuss with him. Make him know what turns you on, which are your favourite sensual zones that drives your crazy. Discussing will definitely help you overcome this problem.

Do not fight over premature ejaculation: A virgin man will suffer from premature ejaculation (at least for few months if he is not into masturbation). First time sex can end up very easily. This is due to the touch of a woman and high sex drive. Do not fight. Start another session. Turn him on and enjoy sex!

These are few tricks to enjoy sex with an inexperienced man or boyfriend. First sex can be painful for your man so do not force him if he is getting hurt.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 18:00 [IST]
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