Why Women Have Sex? Reasons Behind Making Love!

Why Women Have Sex?
Why do you have sex?

It is a simple yet straight question! What can be the answers? You have sex for fun, to relieve stress, enjoy pleasure and share an intimate time with your partner. For men, sex is always on their mind. This is because their testosterone secretes after every 30 minutes. So, making love always captures a man's mind. What about women? Why women have sex? Check out the reasons to know why women have sex.

Why women make love?

Pleasure: Mainly you make love to enjoy the pleasure. This is a enormous way to build a strong relation with your partner physically. So, women too have sex to enjoy the pleasure with fun and intimacy.

Relieve stress: Sex is considered as a stress-buster. After a hectic day at work, women indulge in making out just to feel relaxed and have a pleasant sleep. After making love, you get tired which promotes healthy sleep!

Lose weight: Sex is also an exercise. You can lose weight while enjoying the pleasure with your man. Sex burn calories, and this helps lose weight.

Get rid of boredom: When women get bored, like men they also indulge in making love. To get rid of boredom, women make love. This breaks a prejudice that women have sex because it is romantic.

These are few reasons to know why women have sex. Women not only make love to improve their romantic lives but also for a perfect and healthy body!

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