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Sexual Positions

Tips To Master The Art Of Spanking
Spanking is the act where you hit the butt of your woman or man during sex. It is one of the acts that excites and turns the sex erotic. Spanking is not painful, but fun for many people as it turns ...
Tips Master Art Spanking
Home Remedies Vaginal Burn After Sex
Vaginal Burn After Sex? Home Remedies
Sometimes sex can be really painful. Vaginal pain, soreness, burning or itching are commonly observed by women during and after sex. Although these are symptoms of yeast infection, most of the times, improper hygiene and little carelessness can also lead to ...
TTK-LIG Launches SKORE Condoms
TTK-LIG the iconic condom manufacturer today unveiled ‘Skore' their stylish new condom brand that speaks to youth in their language. Skore is a reflection of the times that have changed. Growing affluence, fast paced lifestyle, the opportunities to make friends across ...
Ttk Lig Launches Skore Condoms
Foreplay Tips For Man
Foreplay Tips To Excite Your Man
Wondering what turns on a man? No, it is not just sex! If you think foreplay is only intended to arouse a woman, then you are probably wrong. Foreplay is one of the best ways to arouse a man or a ...
Signs You Are Ready For Sex
Sex is something that can either make you go crazy or scare you. If you fall in the club of the first (you go crazy when you have sex), then there is nothing wrong in it. It is just that, you ...
Signs You Are Ready For Sex
Making Love Drunk State
Why Drunk Sex Is Better?
Sex is a big thing for everyone. During your first sexual encounter, you feel shy to go naked in front of your partner. This is because you feel uncomfortable or extra conscious about yourself. Few women fear of the virginity and ...
Pros & Cons Of Moving In Together
In a friends with benefits relationship? Well, you can move in together or just meet when you two wish to have sex! Ideally, in a friends with benefits relationship, sex becomes a need for couples. In short, the couple or friends ...
Pros Cons Move In Together
Why Women Make Love 030412 Aid
Why Women Have Sex? Reasons Behind Making Love!
Why do you have sex? It is a simple yet straight question! What can be the answers? You have sex for fun, to relieve stress, enjoy pleasure and share an intimate time with your partner. For men, sex is always on ...
Best Lovemaking Positions To Enjoy Orgasm!
As you have read 6 best lovemaking positions to excite women. Here are best lovemaking positions which women love and is pleasurable to the men too!Man on top: This is one of the most widely preferred lovemaking position which is loved ...
Best Lovemaking Positions
Lovemaking Positions Women Orgasm 250711 Aid
6 Lovemaking Positions To Excite Women!
Lovemaking requires the thirst to try out new orgasm positions. There are numerous lovemaking positions which are loved by women and by men. Too much twisting and experiments can make the woman lose her orgasm in the midst. So, avoid contorting.Most ...
Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Orgasm Revealed!
London: Is your sex life more of a snooze than sizzle? Well, don't fret it, for a group of experts have come up with an ultimate 'orgasm guide', that is, wholesomely dedicated to pleasure of the naughty variety. ...
Orgasm Guide
Jeju Loveland Sexual Theme Parks
Jeju Loveland - Salacious Disneyland
Imagine taking a leisure stroll with your love in a park crammed with soft porn memorabilia, where several statues, photographs and sculptures are placed in the most erotic manner...ummm.... I can see those raised eyebrows and bended headed to ...
Why Men Watch Porn II
<p>Not a normal problem<br /><br />Pornography can be a great addiction at times. If done regularly for instance every few hours, then it isn't an innocent habit. As some men can get crazy with porn. To such an extent that to ...
Why Men Watch Pornography
Why Men Watch Pornography
Why Men Watch Porn I
Jacob and his teenage friend were off to the nearby village theater, to watch a porn movie, that most of their classmates talked about. It wasn't a gross XXX movie, but it had everything that could arouse them for ...

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