Why Men Watch Porn II

Not a normal problem

Pornography can be a great addiction at times. If done regularly for instance every few hours, then it isn't an innocent habit. As some men can get crazy with porn. To such an extent that to derive their sexual desires they can rape a woman or even sexually murder her. Most sexual murderers, are said to have a craze for the porn to such an extent that anything in their house would relate to naked women, their magazines, bookmarked sites, hidden porn movies and many more.

Porn movies can ride to danger zones if men are addicted watching gay porn movies. As it will someday result to an oblique slant in their marital relationships. The addiction will also call quits to several happy years of married life.

Do not ban it

Women try to reform men every second. But honestly do you think you can change them completely. A sure 'no'. So if you try to ban porn in his life, he will still do it 'without your notice'. By making a fuss, you're actually making porn even more exciting for him. So instead make a porn movie starred by both, let him view it when you are not in a mood (preferably if he doesn't share it with his friends). Remember one important thing about men and porn, those silicone enhanced babes may turn them on for few hours, but they mean nothing to them, as it's just a naught play. At the end of the day your man wants you.

Men who hate porn

Glad to at least find some. Here is a list of people who resist watching pornography

* Anyone over 25 - that is men who have demanding jobs or studies to fill their time. Rather who are occupied all the time with just work
* People with strong religious convictions
* People who respect themselves and think about the real-world consequences of supporting porn-makers, (very few in this section)
* People opposed to debasing women, (very minimal again )

To end with, some hardcore facts about pornography today. Pornography is accessed in UK by an estimated 33% of all Internet users. Pornography industry earns more than bn annually in the US. People spend more on porn every year than on movie tickets. More than 10,000 hardcore pornographic films are made each year, in Los Angeles alone.
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Story first published: Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 15:14 [IST]

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