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Why Condoms May Not Always Serve Your Purpose
There are two reasons why we use condoms. The first purpose is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The second purpose is to prevent the spread of diseases. A condom surely does a good job in serving the above two purpose. But ...
The Problem With Condoms
Common Condom Mistakes Men Make
Common Condom Mistakes Men Make
We all keep safe sex in mind. That is why, while enjoying the pleasure, we keep a condom handy. Condoms not only protect the sperm from entering inside the woman but, it also protects the couple from transmitting sexual diseases or ...
Why You Should Use Flavoured Condoms?
Couples hate to use condoms especially women. The effect of the penis during the intercourse is not that effective and exciting in condoms. Regardless of the thinness or thickness of the condoms, they are a big turn offs for few couples. ...
Use Flavoured Condoms 130112 Aid
Wearing Condom Intercourse Tips
6 Tips Before Wearing A Condom!
Condoms come in various types, sizes and styles for various uses and is the best way to avoid complications like pregnancy or getting sexually transmitted diseases. For best quality and durability, store condoms in a cool, dry place. Always check the ...
Does Condom Really Protect?
Can condoms really protect you against pregnancy or Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)? Experts demand that condoms are only 85 percent successful in protecting you against pregnancy or HIV and STDs.Prevention Of Pregnancy : Experts say that ...
Condoms Protection
Male Contraceptive Pill
Contraceptive Pills Now For Men Too
After an unprotected sex, it is the girl who has to take the pills to protect pregnancy but not any more. An Israeli scientists, have invented a male contraceptive pill.The pill successfully removes the vital protein in men sperms, which is ...
Female Condom, 'Rape-aXe' Has Teeth To Hurt Rapists
Female condom with a new design lining up with teeth like hooks in a way to harm rapists is invented by South African Physician. This Dr Sonnet Ehlers, who sold off her home and car to make the condom known ...
Female Condom Rape Axe Fifa Harm Rapists
Go Green Love Life
Go Green Between The Sheets
Go Green, not only in your home and food but also in your love life. This what is suggested in eco – sex guide by Stefanie Weiss. This guide has some really interesting tips and few chosen ones are jotted down ...
Crack And Cocaine Behind High HIV Risk
Teens with a history of crack or cocaine are at an increased risk for HIV than youth who have never used these drugs, claims a new study.The study has been published in the April issue of the Journal of Child and ...
Cocain Hiv Risk
Television Education Contraceptives
Government Insists On TV Sex Education
The British Government is set to ask TV bosses to include more references to contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases in their shows. The popular TV shows do not have enough scenes featuring the characters discussing contraceptives such as condoms.Out of 350 ...
Why Men Don't Pick Condoms
Majority of men do not prefer condoms as they are badly fitted. They not only reduces the sexual pleasure, but also increases the risks of infections and pregnancy. The badly fitting condoms always double the chances to splitting and slipping ...
Men Condoms
Mince Pie Flavoured Condom Lovemaking
Have A Sweet Treat In Bed
With the festive mood in the air, couples are in for a sweet treat in bed. Thanks to new mince pie-flavoured condoms.A new flavoured condom has been launched to encourage safer act of lovemaking over the holiday season. ...
Scientifically Proven Lovemaking Facts
A few scientifically lovemaking facts have recently been unveiled. Here is a list of sex lessons for you to know...Sex smells: A study in The Journal of Neuroscience claims that man's sweat smells different when he is sexually ...
Scientifically Proven Lovemaking Facts
Older Women Online Partners
Older Women Go Online For Mates !
The old but sexy are finding the Internet, a willing accomplice in finding them new sensual partners. A recent study says that women above 40, just as their younger counterparts are able to meet potential mates over ...

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