Older Women Go Online For Mates !

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The old but sexy are finding the Internet, a willing accomplice in finding them new sensual partners. A recent study says that women above 40, just as their younger counterparts are able to meet potential mates over the Internet.

Dispelling the belief that hunting for bed-buddies is only for the younger lot, some 45 per cent of the older women confessed to have lured at least one lover in a year.

The internet 'seems to be a very useful place for them ... It's great that older women are out there meeting new partners." says Deborah Bateson, a senior medical coordinator at Family Planning NSW, who conducted the research to see whether women above 40 were able to practice safe sex as effectively as the younger ones.

'Three-quarters of sexually transmitted infections are detected in people aged under 29, but there's also an increase in women aged 40 and above ... entering or re-entering the dating market, perhaps after the end of a long-term relationship," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Bateson as saying.

The findings revealed that older women were more forthright in insisting on knowing a new partner's sexual history. Nearly 59 per cent of the over-40s would ask about previous partners, versus 43 per cent of the younger women, with a similar discrepancy in willingness to ask about intravenous drug use.

'The older women seemed to benefit from the maturity of years and asked those potentially tricky questions,' said Bateson. However, 37 per cent of the older women were more likely to agree to sex without a condom, compared to 28 per cent of younger women.


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Story first published: Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 15:38 [IST]

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